The work moves downstairs in this lovely Redwood city home

DryFast continued with repairs for our clients in Redwood city.


repairsrepairsOur techs had extracted water from their upstairs bathroom as well as their dining room ceiling where water had spread and left damp. Our skilled technicians also made sure that the damp areas were aired out with air movers and that the wood was dried completely before continuing any work on repairs in the bathroom or downstairs. Once the bathroom was complete and we had finished with all of the remodeling and upgrades, our team moved into the stairway and dining area to begin repairs and painting there. We replaced all of the drywall where we had previously cut out holes to view problem areas and to dry the wood on the inside. But, before we could paint the drywall, we first primed the surface to prepare it for a fresh coat of colored paint.

The client wanted us to do some remodeling in the dining room as well since we do offer full services and have completed many successful remodels and reconstruction jobs throughout our years of business. The client chose the design, fixtures and colors for the walls ahead of time and then we simply executed her idea with ease. We painted the stairway walls and the ceilings downstairs and we also painted one accent wall in the dining room to add some depth to the room. Then we added some simple hardware where it was needed (such as air vent covers, outlet covers etc..)  and then to finish the room we connected a beautiful chandelier that would hang directly above the dining room table and also be very visible on the left of the staircase as a focal point of the space. Once everything was complete this room looked spectacular, fresh, new and very inviting. Once again, our clients were satisfied and amazed with the results.

DryFast works hard to ensure that each client is fully satisfied and secure with what we do;We keep our clients in mind as we work in providing the best service at a good price and with an amazing outcome every time.repairs

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