Why You Shouldn’t Worry About The Mold Inspection Cost

Why you don’t need to worry about the mold inspection cost.

Some people suspect mold is hidden away inside their home. This could be because they’re suffering from a number of health complications it’s known to cause. They still don’t call a professional because they’re afraid even the mold inspection cost will cripple them financially. You don’t have anything to fear when you call Dryfast because we’ll carry it out for free.

You might be wondering about the different things our mold specialists will be looking for once we begin. So let’s look at the most crucial things we’ll be keeping our eye out for while inspecting your home.

Finding Out If It’s There

Even though you might presume you have mold growing somewhere in your home, the health problems could be a complete coincidence. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know mold if it’s sitting in plain sight. If you can’t actually see it the only way we’ll know for sure is by coming in and performing tests to see if you do have hidden mold. Once we know it’s there it will be time to do more serious work to get the full picture of what is going on.

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Discovering Where It’s Hidden

As we only just mentioned, the reason we had to perform the tests to discover if there is mold comes down to the fact it’s hidden from plain sight. As we’ve already done mold inspection and removal thousands of times, we’ll know all the secret places it might be hiding. Before you can get rid of mold you obviously need to know where it is. So once we’re sure there is mold the next step will be to locate it. We want to see visible proof it’s there before we proceed.

Inspecting Other Areas

When you find mold growing in a certain area you can’t give yourself a pat on the back yet. Even though it’s visible in one location, it could be growing in a completely different place too. I’m sure you know how crafty water is, and since it’s the cause of mold you have to assume it could have found its way into other areas close by.

It’s important to find out the exact amount of mold we’re dealing with and all the places it’s hidden away. This might involve educated guesses because we’re not going to start knocking down your walls during a simple inspection.

Why You Shouldn't Worry About The Mold Inspection Cost And What We're Looking For

Looking For The Water Source

Most of the time it’s pretty easy to know where the water came from in the first place. You could tell us your washing machine is overflowed one day. So we’ll know the reason the mold is there, because it wasn’t cleaned up straight away. It was also allowed to sit out of sight until the mold sprung to life. In other instances it could have been caused by a leak in your roof or a burst pipe, but during your inspection we’ll want to identify the water source so we know what needs to be repaired.

Identifying The Type Of Mold

People get rushed into the emergency room to be operated on straight away, whereas everyone else has to sit for hours until a doctor is free to see them. We will need to test to see whether or not the mold is toxic, because if it is the emergency room scenario will apply and it will need to be dealt with as soon as possible. You can look at the website to see the symptoms associated with black mold. That way you’ll know why it’s important we identify if it’s there during the inspection.

Don’t Worry About The Mold Inspection Cost

Dryfast cares about all our customers. We don’t want you to worry about the mold inspection cost if you suspect there is a problem with your home. We provide a free service so you know you’ll only have to spend money should it be absolutely necessary.

Even if you don’t have black mold it can still chip away at your health and cause considerable damage to both your home and possessions, so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone when you suspect anything and we’ll send a mold specialist out to see you as soon as possible.

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