Why Structural Drying Is Still Crucial After You’ve Recovered From Water Damage

You’ve probably had a rough time recently, but don’t clap yet because you’re still in trouble. The visible water might be gone from your home and it could look like the danger has disappeared, so you would be forgiven if you didn’t even consider the dampness it left behind.

Unfortunately clearing up the water and closing up cracks where it might have squeezed its way into your home is the easy part. The dampness left behind can lead to more than a few problems for you and the family, so let’s see why you need structural drying anyway.

Why Structural Drying Is Necessary

When you hear people speak about bacteria it’s usually never a good thing. If your body ends up with bacteria growing deep inside it you’ll end up sick, and the exact same thing applies to your home (or business). The damp surfaces will become a breeding ground for bacteria, which will result in your home getting sick, metaphorically speaking.

It’s even worse and the real danger comes from mold, which might be easy to get rid of, but when it’s growing in your home the people living there could get really sick. Structural drying means the dampness will be taken away, and once it’s gone it will eliminate the breeding ground which allows mold to slowly grow.

The Type Of Water Won’t Save You

So you don’t have anything to worry about because your leak came from a clean source? Although this is a bonus, like if your water happened to fall from the sky, black mold is still an ever present threat until everything has dried up. The biggest and most common problem is when the water comes from unclean sources, of which there are a few likely suspicious areas of your home.

If it found its way in from the sewer you know you’re in trouble. After all, would anyone really go swimming in sewer water? Overflowing germ-filled toilet leakages and a nearby river breaking its banks apply here too, and with those sources of water they will contaminate your home even quicker so you need to get the problem sorted in a matter of days or else do you know what will happen?

Ignoring A Problem

Structural Drying
Why the Dryfast structural drying service is still crucial after you’ve recovered from water damage to stop the growth of dangerous bacteria and mold.

You might have reservations about asking Dryfast to come in and dry the structural areas where the water has flowed, which is perfectly understandable if you’ve already got rid of the water by yourself, but it will end up costing you more in the long-run. A lot more time and resources will be required to fix the problems sure to arise if they’re left to fester away until the last minute.

The Best Tools To Fix The Damage

Effective structural drying is hard to accomplish if you don’t have the best tools possible. At the moment the state-of-the-art tools to dry damp areas include heavy-duty blow dryers that could almost blast a river dry. A high-pressure inter-air drying system developed recently is even more special than anything available on the market to date.

At a rough estimate, the system we use on a regular basis must have helped us save thousands of homes and businesses over the last couple of years. Homes that might have left families with nowhere to go if not used. The reason it is superior to anything else is because small nozzles can fit into man-made holes placed in a wall to zap every area of a home dry no matter where dampness is hiding.

Structural Drying
Why the Dryfast structural drying service is still crucial after you’ve recovered from water damage to stop the growth of dangerous bacteria and mold.

How Dryfast Can Help With Structural Drying

If you’ve had some kind of major flood damage recently there is a good chance the structure of your home or business will need to be dried out properly. Maybe you’ll be lucky and everything will be completely okay, but it’s still worth calling us out so a specialist can look over everything.

We obviously have the absolute best drying tools available for any type of job, and we’ll continue to keep upgrading them as soon as superior tools become available. We’ve helped too many homes and businesses to count, and if you’re in trouble you should get in touch so we can help you too. I hope you realize why it’s so important your building structures aren’t left soaking wet.


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