Why Air Quality Testing For Mold Works And The Reason You Need An Air Purifier

Why air quality testing for mold is so effective?

Unless you live in a giant mansion and you hardly go into any rooms, it’s highly unlikely you’ll stumble into mold growing in your home. Most of the time it’s hidden, which is why air quality testing for mold is one of the easiest ways to know it’s there. This will involve samples of the air being taken in order to check the concentration of mold spores floating around. So it makes sense that keeping the air in your home clean with a purifier will help prevent the growth of mold. Let’s look at what you should be looking at when shopping around for an air purifier.

air purifier for moldThe Best Kind Of Air Purifier For Mold

You will hear of different kinds being used, but the best air purifier you should use is called a HEPA because the filters are so good. Mold spores are usually around 1-20 microns in size, which won’t make any sense to the average person.

It becomes a lot easier to understand once you know a HEPA filter will be able to capture nearly 100% of particles if they’re around 0.3 microns in size. In fact, anything over 0.3 microns will usually be caught. It’s only something smaller you have to worry about which we’ll discuss in more detail a little later.

What Exactly Does This Mean?

When you take away the mold spores in the air, it will drastically reduce the chances of mold appearing out of nowhere in your home. Running an air purifier all day when it’s got a HEPA filter will ensure something has to go very wrong before you end up being plagued by mold.

If you have one you’ll get rid of the mold in the air. Unfortunately if it’s already growing in your home it won’t be able to eliminate anything sitting on the surfaces. Are you wondering why I said you have to worry about smaller particles yet?

The Dangers Of Black Mold

Black mold is a lot more toxic than regular mold, and the dangers to your health are a lot more serious. An air purifier with a HEPA filter might be able to deal with normal mold spores. Keep in mind that the mycotoxins of the black mold might only be 0.1 microns in size. So they won’t be able to get caught in the filter. Thankfully black mold is a lot more uncommon than regular mold and takes longer to grow.  The chances of it appearing when you have an air purifier are really rare although still worth watching out for.

An Air Purifier’s Size Does Matter

The last thing you need is to think you’re safe once you’ve bought an air purifier. It doesn’t stop the mold spores from landing on your damp surfaces. This usually comes down to buying one too small for your room. When you’re looking for one it’s crucial to make sure it’s big and powerful enough to care for the entire room. If you get the right one your mold spores will vanish from the air in a room within a few minutes of being switched on.

Changing The HEPA Filter

This is the second most important thing you have to worry about when you make air quality testing for mold. And this is only because you won’t notice anything is wrong for at least 6 months. If you become complacent and forget to change the filter, the air purifier will stop collecting the spores. They might last around 6-12 months, but it will depend on the exact model you buy. It’s much easier if you find one with a washable filter as you’ll save lots of money. It will also save an unnecessary drive to the store if you don’t have any spare.

They’re Well Worth The Investment

If you’re reading this it’s maybe too late, as you could already have discovered mold in your home. The reason we’re mentioning it is because it’s something we recommend anyone gets after we’ve removed the mold from their home. You will always have spores floating around in the air. This is why air quality testing for mold works so well. If you can get rid of those mold spores, you might not need to call us again as your home will turn into a mold free zone.

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