Why A Crawl Space Clean-Up Could Potentially Save Your Home

A Dryfast crawl space clean-up will ensure all the hidden areas inside your home are free of pest infestations, mold, and structural damage.

Why A Crawl Space Clean-Up Could Potentially Save Your Home

Take a walk around your home and see if you can discover any new places you’ve never noticed before. You won’t be able to do it unless you live in a mansion with a hundred bedrooms, but the truth is actually a lot more complicated. There are special areas in your home and they happen to be quite important, but they’re hidden from view and unless you know where you’re looking you won’t be able to access them.

These mysterious places I’m referring to are obviously crawlspaces if it wasn’t already clear, and the reason people don’t know they exist is because they can’t picture them in their mind. When you normally think of a crawlspace you might imagine a criminal crawling along a shaft when they’re trying to escape from prison, but the ones in your home can be deep under the ground, in the far reaches of your attic, or in various other places.

Why A Crawl Space Clean-Up Is Required

You’ve either never seen them or you don’t realize they exist, so it should be very clear to you the crawlspaces inside your home are seriously neglected. What usually happens when you neglect something for too long? In the case of crawlspaces, a lot of things can happen but there are certain dangers in particular you have to watch out for. We’re going to discuss each of them in detail, because in a worst case scenario they could bring your house or health crashing down.

The Buildup Of Mold

Water is obviously going to end up in those crawlspaces even if it’s just moisture, but because it can worm its way in anywhere you might get more of it than expected. You’ll not be able to see the water forming into puddles on the floor, but it will be happening secretly while you’re sitting watching television. It becomes a great breeding ground for mold, which in turn becomes a poison that will find its way into the places your family roam. Due to mold being dangerous for your health you must get those hidden areas checked out to keep everyone nice and safe.

Dryfast Crawls Space clean up

Very Damp Areas

This could be better or worse depending on which way you look at it, but in any case it’s going to be dangerous. If the wood inside your crawlspaces begins to hurt the structural integrity of your property, it could come crumbling down like a house of cards. This is a worst case scenario are the chances of it happening are a million to one, but even if your home doesn’t end up in a pile of rubble on the ground, the wooden structures could still get damaged until they’re not fit for purpose any more. You need to get the dampness sorted before you have to get major work carried out.

Pest Infestations

Now we’re going to look at a problem that combines both things we’ve just talked about. We probably shouldn’t start with such a horrible topic, but let’s discuss feces to get it out of the way. When animals defecate it can easily produce toxins that float through the air into the living areas of your home, just like the mold except it comes with a different smell. In regards to structural damage, who says you don’t have termites destroying every piece of wood they come across as we speak? As if the rainy season couldn’t get any worse, this is also a time when pest infestations can cause damage a lot quicker.

Are You Concerned About Your Home?

After working in thousands of homes, we know crawlspaces can be in a terrible state no matter what the rest of the home looks like. If you’ve not had yours checked for years it might be a good idea to call us out to give everything a good look over. Dryfast are well-known for offering an exceptional service, so we can assure you all the crawlspaces in your home will be up to scratch once we’ve been in and done our job. Sometimes the real dangers are in the places you can’t see, so don’t live to regret getting those secret areas checked out by a professional if you want to potentially save yourself a lot of heartache and money.

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