Water Damage Restoration Project by Dryfast in San Carlos

In this project the team of Dryfast General Contractor are in a house in San Carlos. Its bathroom was seriously flooded and now is affected by mold as you can see from the pictures. They are going to perform Water Damage Restoration in the house’s  bathroom  by using dehumidifiers.

When the team arrived at the spot discovered that the drains on the bathroom’s ceiling are leaking from above and causing the appearance of moisture. And we know well that as long as there is moisture, there is going to be mold.

As you can see from the pictures there are visible mold spots on the ceiling. The first assessment of the team was that the base floor needs to be removed, also the water heater, the walls and the toilet. This should be made, so that a proper water extraction from hard surface is done.

As part of every project connected with water damage, the team should remove all the damaged materials affected by water that are salvageable including these that are non salvageable. After doing this they can start their work there with the dehumidifiers, air movers and other commercial grade water restoration equipment needed for cases of flooding. This fact means that the top quility of their professional equipment guarantees permanent results and a good efficiency of the performed project and quick restoration of the property to the previous safe and dry conditions. They own different types of equipment and use it accordingly to the type of problem they are dealing with and type and  size of the property.

The effectiveness of the tasks performed by Dryfast  team and their good results are guaranteed not only by the quality of their equipment, but also by the qualification of their teams. Dryfast continuously trains and educates technicians to meet the highest standards of the industry.

If you are interested in other  services offered by Dryfast, you can visit our Water Damage Restoration Section.

Water Damage Restoration in a flooded bathroom
As you can see, this bathroom is affected by mold and some affected materials like the base floor and water heater have to be removed.


Water Damage Restoration Project
The bathroom ceiling is affected by mold and is in an awful condition because of the flooding.
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