Water damage and repairs for a beautiful home in Redwood City

One of our clients from a quaint little neighborhood in Redwood City had contacted Dryfast in response to some water damage they had on their property.

Water damage

Water damageWater damageInitially looking into getting a water extraction done, but then opting for a full repair and replacement of everything damaged in the process, Dryfast was happy to work with them. We immediately scheduled a couple technicians who would get the job done and right. Ivan is just one of our many awesome techs who we sent to out to begin work in this very lovely home in Redwood city. Since the main issue was water damage in the second floor bathroom of the property, Ivan first inspected the area to find that there had been a burst in the supply line, so he started off by changing the water supply line and performing a full water extraction of the affected areas. Water damage
Once the extraction was complete, Ivan removed 2 feet of drywall, the baseboards, tiles, sub flooring, and also the toilet and vanity were removed. We then cut about 240 square feet of drywall on the ceiling directly underneath the bathroom for repairs, since it had became very damp by the burst. Another section of drywall, around 100 square feet, was cut out around the stairs where the water had also spread to. DryFast is able to provide a vast array of different services and complete them from start to finish too. Not only did we perform a full extraction of the water and repair the water line, but we also installed air movers/scrubbers to dry up all the damaged areas and to prevent any moisture from being locked in. Our techs are skilled in repairs, reconstruction, remediation and much more., After replacing drywall we prime and paint to save our clients any stress, and to leave each job site knowing we did our very best and leave nothing unfinished. At this Redwood city home We also repaired the bathroom after tearing everything out by adding new tiles, a new vanity and a new toilet. Now our client can enjoy their beautiful home and bathroom without any worries.Just like many of our customers, they have shown gratitude and satisfaction;Another job well done.
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