Water damage project located in Noe Valley San Francisco

Our technicians responded to an active water damage call in a beautiful centrally located apartment near the hottest area in Noe Valley, arriving at the apartment within 45 minutes of the call.


The technicians entered the apartment and before them were two waterfalls from the ceiling, to pools of water below on the carpeting in the living room as well as another large area leaking from the ceiling onto the kitchen counter and flooring.  They proceeded to the upstairs unit to determine the cause of the water leak.  There they found a ruptured water supply pipe line and proceeded to cap it until the plumber could replace the pipe.


Returning to the original unit, the technicians carefully laid out plastic to protect the flooring from sustaining further damage, and began the mitigation process.

Almost simultaneously the carpeting and ceiling were worked on.  The carpeting was pulled up in the living room, the damaged carpet padding was removed and disposed of.    In the kitchen the water had not penetrated the flooring so, the focus was on the ceiling area.  Heated air movers and dehumidifiers were set up in the kitchen and living room to properly remove the moisture from the damaged areas.

For the ceiling, the damaged drywall was removed and disposed of.  The technicians took moisture readings in the ceiling space and then began to encapsulate the area, so that it could be properly dried out.  The technicians created a tubular chamber from the heated air mover to the encapsulated space in the ceiling that separated the upper and lower units.


With all three of these heated air chambers set-up and the dehumidifiers and heated air movers in the rooms, the process begins and runs for about 72 hours, during which the technicians routinely check the equipment and moisture readings to ensure proper dryness.


After 3 days they tested and had a moisture free reading, so the  technician’s removed the equipment from the apartment and began on the repairs.  New insulation and drywall was brought in for the ceiling, after which the area was textured and painted and brought back to match the existing ceiling and the pre-water damaged state.


For the floor areas, the sub flooring reached a moisture free level, new carpet padding was laid, and the dried carpet was cleaned and laid back as well.  The technicians take pride in returning a severely water damaged apartment back to its pre damaged state within a few days!!

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