Water Damage Emergency phone call in Palo Alto, San Carlos, CA

We received emergency phone call for crawlspace inspection due to bad odor coming from underneath the house in Palo Alto, Ca.

Dryfast emergency response crew arrived at the location in 1 hour after the call was received, we have performed inspection following IICRC standards for water damage restoration, we observed large amount of water in multiple areas.

That was a sewage water coming from the toilet drain. Dealing with sewage water is much more difficult for the reason we are actually dealing with grossly contaminated water.

Water Damage Emergency phone call in Palo Alto

Steps needed to remediate the situation:

  • Sewage water extraction
  • scooping and bagging contaminated soil
  • anti-microbial treatment application
  • setting the work zone under the negative air
  • drying equipment
  • personal protection equipment
  • this is a 2 day job
  • working in a team of 2 technicians

Water Damage Emergency phone call in Palo Alto

Ones we have access to the pipe our plumbers will replace the sewer line under the house ensuring properly running sewer lines for long period.

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