Water Damage in a Crawlspace Howard Ave, Burlingame

Crawlspace cleanup on Howard Ave in Burlingame, the homeowner explained that they had some weird smell coming from the  crawlspace, so they have called a plumbing company to come and check it out since when the homeowner opened the crawlspace access door it was full of water.

Water Damage
Water DamageThe plumber inspected the crawlspace as much as he could , and there was a leak coming from the kitchen drain, so that includes water from dish washing machine, and kitchen sink.
In order to do the work the plumber suggested to the homeowner to call a Water Damage Restoration company, and extract / pump out all water so he can get into the crawlspace and do the kitchen drain replacement .
Water DamageWater DamageDryfast received the phone call and dispatched a Water damage Restoration crew to the service location, ones the flooded crawlspace was inspected,  explained to the customer all steps needed to complete the project, team Dryfast began the water extraction using a 600 gallon trailer mounted vacuum pump, sewage affected soil was replaced with new,  the entire crawlspace  was treated with anti-microbial solution in order to sanitize and prevent any microbial and viruses development.
Plumber was then able to go in and replace the pipes.
Team Dryfast completed this water damage restoration crawlspace job in 1 days , 3 people crew.
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