Water Damage in a Crawl Space, Menlo Park

Interesting Water damage project in Menlo Park caused by sump pump malfunction, the problem with  Water Damage in a Crawl Space is that you do not see it when it starts, you can only notice the odor created later, including the flies that start to show up.
Water damage
Water damageIn this great neighborhood in Menlo Park, nicest house on the block with indoor pool,Water damage
here we are to work in the Crawl Space,  remove standing water, treat with anti-microbial solution, scoop and bag contaminated soil/ sludge/ replace soil, set up drying equipment, clean entire air duct system, replace the sump pump for the pool, this project took us 3 days to complete.
David managed this project very professional, all work was done under his supervision, once the Water Damage project was completed, the flies and the wet smell from the Crawl Space disappeared.
All work is done following EPA and Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification /IICRC/ standards for professional Water Damage restoration.
Thank you for reading, will be back soon with another project.
Water damage
Water damage
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