Washing Machine Malfunction causing Water Damage Castro area, San Francisco

Water Damage caused by washing machine in the Castro area , San Francisco, another busy afternoon here at Dryfast Water damage and Mold Restoration Company, this phone call was received early afternoon, Dryfast water damage restoration crew responded within one hour of the phone call.

water damage
 water damagewater damageWater reached out to two rooms affecting carpet, carpet pad, baseboards and drywall, first thing we did was to extract all standing water from carpet and vinyl tiles, remove all personal belongings away from the affected area, since there was so many pieces of furniture, beds, couches and other, we had to call the office to send us help with a large box truck so we can itemize  and load all furniture and personal belongings to our facility for drying and cleaning.
Ones it was all cleared we were able to focus on the water Damage and start the Restoration process by removing all wet building materials, providing proper ventilation to hard to reach areas, setting up commercial grade dehumidifiers and fans,
Our client filed property insurance claim on this water Damage, we met with the adjuster and worked with him throughout the project until it was completed. Four days later we had another happy client, the repair is still going, it should be completed next week,
water damageThe only good part of this Water Damage Restoration project was that there was not another  unit below.
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