The Ultimate Solution To Sewage Damage And Drain Back-Ups For Your Home

Dryfast offer emergency sewer damage and drain back-ups solutions to protect your home and repair damage already caused before it gets any worse.

The Ultimate Solution To Sewage Damage And Drain Back-Ups For Your Home

Do you pay close attention to the hundreds of things you let loose down your drains on a yearly basis? Even though the majority of people realize they shouldn’t be putting them down there in the first place, it’s too convenient and they don’t want to trouble themselves getting rid of stuff properly. It’s easy to understand why they do it, and it’s even easier to realize the cause when something goes wrong.

If you keep dropping random objects down the drains when they don’t belong there, your sewer line is soon going to get blocked. You can’t keep doing it forever and expect to get away with it, and if you’re terribly unlucky there is only one place everything is going to retreat to. There are actually a few places, but let’s just say they’re all inside your home and it could end up badly damaged.

Why Sewer Damage And Drain Back-Ups Are Bad

If you keep anything valuable in your home a drain blockage could end up costing you quite a lot of money. The reason why is because when the explosion happens and everything goes boom, your possessions are going to end up contaminated. Do you have any idea what the IICRC and APA Cleaning and Restoration guidelines stipulate? As soon as something has come into contact with sewage you must get rid of it immediately.

The Ultimate Solution To Sewage Damage And Drain Back-Ups For Your Home

I mentioned it costing you money if you have any valuables in your home that might be affected, but even if you’re not rich it’s still going to end up hurting you financially. Can you imagine the amount of things the sewage is going to land on if your blockage is bad and you don’t notice it straight away? It might mean you end up replacing a large amount of things in different areas of your home if you follow the rules.

How Dryfast Can Help You Out

Dryfast specializes in sewer damage services, whether you have insurance or not, so let’s look at some of the emergency situations we cover in case you’re in desperate need of help and you don’t have anywhere to turn.

Sewer Extraction

Before we can begin to do anything else, the sewer blockage must be taken care of. We’ll extract all the random things blocking your sewer line using our specialist equipment. Once this is done we can move onto the jobs inside your home, but it’s pointless doing anything else until we know your drains aren’t going to overflow again.

The Ultimate Solution To Sewage Damage And Drain Back-Ups For Your Home

Anti-Microbial Treatment

The sewers are home to a lot of germs, some of which can be quite dangerous if they cross your path. We have a professional-grade anti-microbial treatment we’ll use during the job to guarantee all the germs are completely eliminated and your health remains intact.

Sanitizing Your Home

When everything backs up everywhere it’s going to create a mess you don’t want to go anywhere near, and that is why we’re here. We will sanitize all the areas of your home surrounding the spillages to make sure everything is spotless.

Material Removal

This refers to things like carpets and drywall that will need to be taken out. They have to be disposed of in accordance with regulations, but you don’t need to concern yourself with that because we’ll locate everything that needs to go before getting rid of it.

Possession Relocation

You might not like this one, because even though the name sounds nice we will take your contaminated possessions and dispose of them like the damaged materials. We will also move your possessions out of the way if they’ve not been contaminated and they’ll stay safe.

The Ultimate Solution To Sewage Damage And Drain Back-Ups For Your Home

Complete Restoration

Last but certainly not least, once everything else on the list has been ticked off you’ll need everything restored to the state it was in before your sewage disaster. We will do everything needed to restore your home to its former glory.

Don’t Forget We’re An Emergency Service

You shouldn’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience, because sewage problems always get worse as time goes on. We realize this and it’s why we offer an emergency service to anyone in need of immediate help. The quicker a problem is resolved, the less money you generally have to spend putting everything back together again.



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