The 5 Major Mold Symptoms You Must Watch Out For

Mold symptoms you must watch out for and how Dryfast can help to save your home and health before they both get hurt once the problem gets worse.

If you have a problem with mold in your home it’s best if you know about it as quickly as possible. You will end up saving a lot of money in the long-run. We sometimes get called out to homes people have recently bought because they started to smell mold shortly after moving in. The previous owners would mask the appearance and odor of the mold so they wouldn’t have to deal with the problem themselves. Even if you’ve not moved recently, you will save yourself a lot of time if you learn to look out for mold symptoms, so we’re going to look at some of the more obvious ones now.

The 5 Major Mold Symptoms You Must Watch Out For
Mold symptoms you must watch out for and how Dryfast can help to save your home and health before they both get hurt once the problem gets worse.

Mold Symptoms To Look Out For

• Health Problems
• Allergy Issues
• Weird Odors
• Discolored Surfaces
• White Cottony Fluff

Health Problems

If someone did go to the trouble of disguising mold, they wouldn’t be able to stop it from causing you health problems. Things like a runny nose, throat irritation, and a bad cough could indicate you have a problem with mold in your home. You won’t be able to know for sure if the reason you’re suffering from these problems is down to mold, but if they persist it could be worth looking into. If they happen along with some of the other mold symptoms on the list it’s also a good indicator of mold being involved.

The 5 Major Mold Symptoms You Must Watch Out For

Allergy Issues

The reason this isn’t included with health problems is because those can affect anyone and you can’t automatically start blaming mold when you feel sick. Allergies are a different matter, and if you’ve suffered from them your entire life you will know what makes your allergies flair up. If you start having problems with them while at home for no reason there is a good chance it’s the fungi causing them. Once you start to suffer more and more from your allergies it’s worth taking a walk around your home to see if you can spot mold.

Weird Odors

It’s hard to explain what mold smells like other than to say it’s really musty. You’ve probably had the stench of stale odors floating up your nose before, so you’ll know what it is straight away. Even if you can’t see it you’ll know the lack of visible signs doesn’t matter as there is no other explanation for such a foul smell in your home. Our Dryfast mold remediation specialists sometimes find it growing in crawl spaces where you would never be able to find it yourself. If you can’t explain the odor in your home we can take a look.

Discolored Surfaces

Mold grows in damp and dark places, so if you have water stains visible on your walls it means there could be mold growing on the other side, and it could eventually start growing on the side you can see. It’s also visible to the naked eye because it grows in places like the corner of your bathroom. You only need to know it’s tough to remove because of its leathery texture, but you can also tell it’s mold due to its color. The colors can range from black to gray to yellow, so keep an eye out for discolored surfaces with a texture you’re not used to.

The 5 Major Mold Symptoms You Must Watch Out For


White Cottony Fluff

Have you ever played soccer and left a dirty pair of boots sitting in a dark cupboard until your next game. If you leave them too long you will always find a white cottony fluff-like material growing on the studs. This is the same kind of thing you’re looking for when you want to know whether or not you have a mold problem, so if you notice you have this substance growing somewhere inside your home it will need to be dealt with immediately. Removing only the fluff won’t get rid of the problem and the mold will only get worse.

Mold Symptoms Don’t Disappear

When you have the cold, your immune system is able to deal with it and you’ll eventually feel better again. The same thing does not apply to rancid mold and the living organism will keep growing, so if you do notice any of these mold symptoms you can call Dryfast and we’ll make it disappear for you. We have experts on standby and they’re ready to eliminate the mold no matter where it’s growing inside your home. Do something quick before it damages your home even more, and eventually your health.

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