The 3 Steps of Filing for Insurance Claims Repairs

DryFast – your partner from the first sign of damage to the final sign of repair.

One of the greatest fears of any home owner is dealing with property damage. When disaster strikes – whether it is as minor as a tree falling on a fence or as major as flooding or fire – homeowners spring to action to get things in order for insurance claims repairs. With the anxiety of the damage before them, many homeowners forget some of the key steps in this process.

The 3 Steps of Filing for Insurance Claims RepairsStep 1: Assess the Damage Before Making an Insurance Claim

Never forget that when you file an insurance claim, no matter how small, it will lead to a spike in your property insurance rates. Minor property damage can often be repaired by a qualified contractor and save you money. However, more extensive damage will require claims filing. As soon as the damage occurs, there aer two things you should do:

  • Photograph all of the damage. Take as many pictures as possible at different angles to showcase the extent of the damage to your property. It is even suggested to record a walk-through video of the damage for the “full effect”.
  • Consider all the costs. Chances are you have no idea how much it will cost to repair your home. Insurance companies are trained to low-ball what you need for this reason. Instead of guessing how much damage will need to be repaired, call a professional contractor for insurance claims repair like the staff at DryFast. These experts will provide a free consultation of the damage and provide you with a thorough estimate of all potential costs to bring to your insurance company.

The 3 Steps of Filing for Insurance Claims RepairsStep 2: Understand the Process of Insurance Claims Repair

During step 1, you will get yourself prepared for the potential questions and hassle that come from dealing with insurance adjusters. When you have gathered all of your estimates and photographs, submit them to your insurance company via your agent. This person will work with you to keep you up to date on everything related to your situation.

Next comes the first contact with a claim advisor for your insurance company. The role of this person is to discuss, in detail, your coverage and how to proceed with your claim. This phase can be tricky. DryFast works with a network of professionals that can help you better understand this process and work with you to ensure that you get the coverage you deserve from your claim.

Your property will be evaluated by a secondary consultant who will also look over the estimate provided by a contractor and your documentation of the damage. Keep in mind that with some property claims, this could take a few weeks before the agent is able to meet. Once this additional information is gathered, the adjuster will determine how much of said damage will be covered, and why.

If you are concerned about this phase, there are three things you can do:

  • Contact a professional contractor to give you a complete and thorough estimate. Insurance companies take claims with professional estimates more seriously because these individuals are licensed and insured. Whereas, homeowners who are not licensed contractors and prefer to do the work themselves pose an additional risk for the company.
  • Hire an outside claims adjuster to work on your behalf and fight for your policy and it’s benefits.
  • Provide everything necessary with as much detail as possible. The less errors in your account of the damage, the less an insurance company will have to question.
The 3 Steps of Filing for Insurance Claims Repairs
DryFast – your partner from the first sign of damage to the final sign of repair.

Step 3: Start the Insurance Claims Repairs

After you have tackled the headaches that come with getting approved for home repair, you will be ready to start. This is the time to contact the professionals at DryFast. Our team provides a complete array of services that are necessary for general construction and home repair. Services offered include smoke odor removal, HVAC repair/installation, plumbing services, water damage assessment and repair, and fire damage repair. When damage strikes, property owners can count on our experts to provide a free, no obligation consultation. When they choose to enlist the help of our company, we will offer them the full-service they deserve.

DryFast is licensed and insured, operating in the San Franciso-Bay Area. In addition to a variety of state and local certifications for our specialties, we also provide restoration work for damaged furniture and other items within your home. All restoration work in complete offsite at our massive facility. Whether you are looking for insurance claims repairs or general construction, turn to the team at DryFast.

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