Water Damage in a Crawl Space, Menlo Park

Interesting Water damage project in Menlo Park caused by sump pump malfunction, the problem with  Water Damage in a Crawl Space is that you do not see it when it starts, you can only notice the odor created later, including the flies that start to show up. In this great neighborhood in Menlo Park, nicest house on the block with indoor pool, here we are to work in the Crawl Space,  remove standing water, treat with anti-microbial solution, scoop and bag contaminated soil/ sludge/ replace soil, set up drying equipment, clean entire air duct system, replace the sump pump for…

814 N Delaware San Mateo Water Damage

We received a call regarding a large leak in an upstairs apartment bathroom, that made it's way to the bathroom underneath.  These photos show the extensive damage that a leak caused in the original bathroom. Our water damage technicians removed all of the flooring and most of the drywall from the walls.  The damaged drywall extended from the floor to roughly 3-4 feet high in certain walls in this bathroom. We replaced all the damaged drywall, installed new drywall, replaced the bathroom flooring, and repainted the room to bring it back to it's pre-damaged state.

Boutique Hotels with Water damage in Nob Hill area of San Francisco

Late on a Saturday evening we received a phone call that the sprinkler system had been activated in one of San Francisco's Boutique Hotels.  We immediately sent out our emergency crew and were on scene and setting up to remedy the water damage caused by this sprinkler activation.  This hotel sits in the beautiful Nob Hill area of San Francisco, and is one of the historic turn of the century Robber Baron Manses, converted to a beautiful hotel.  The damage was fortunately contained to the fourth floor hallway and several rooms. As with all of our water emergencies, extracting the…

1550 bay water damage Marin district

1550 bay water damage Marin district Durning a remodeling in the upper apartment the electrician acidently drilled into a pipe in the kitchen. We were called out by the property management company and quick ly asses lt the situation. Cabinets and drywall were removed in order to get to all the wet insulation that was trapped behind the wall and plywood. After that all affected carpet was removed and vinyl in the kitchen. Vinyl acts as a moisture barrier once it gets wet since it traps moisture under it which cannot be dryied. Unit underneath had damage on the ceiling…

Repairing drywall after a burst pipe in the ceiling

After our water damage team finishes with the dry out and ensures all wet surfaces are back to normal using state of the art moisture meters and thermal cameras our repair team comes in. Patching all removed materials and bringing things back to pre existing condition or better. (more…)

Dryfast Emergency Team responded to Water Damage at Goodwill store in San Francisco, CA

This is the Dryfast Water Remediation Team on an emergency water damage call at a Goodwill store in San Francisco, CA.  Water from the exterior irrigation system penetrated the exterior barriers causing water damage to the interior framework, interior wall, flooring tiles and down to the concrete foundation slab.  The first step at this site is to set-up containment of our work area. This allows our Specialists to work while the store can continue to operate as normally as possible. [caption id="attachment_2299" align="alignnone" width="450"] San Francisco Projects: This is the Dryfast Water Remediation Team on an emergency water damage call…