Structural Drying, lobby area inside of the apartment building, Financial district San Francisco

This apartment building was flooded in the middle of the night/ 2:45 am/ the homeowner decided to take a shower/ bath tub/ after the bar, the results are the following: Water Damage to the lobby area, homeowner forgot to turn of the water in the tub, affecting ceiling with historical crown-moldings.water damage



water damageHOA of this San Francisco property, called us at 7 am, they first called another company that had great reviews, but no one showed up , so we were the second choice since we are not a franchise or a huge multi location Water Damage Restoration Company, we have responded within 30 minutes! on Sunday morning, no traffic in the city at this time of the day,

Dryfast took all measures to protect the crown molding on the ceiling, entire ceiling was wet, also water got into the walls, flooded the floor.
Ivan, Mike and John set up custom Water Damage Drying Chamber, forcing dry heated air into the wall cavities, portion of the ceiling was removed to provide access.
We were able to dry all moldings in place , owners of the building were very
happy with the outcome.

Team Dryfast did it again, another successful Water Damage Restoration project in San Francisco.

Thank you again for reading our water and mold damage project posts, God bless you. we will be back with the next project.


water damage

water damage

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