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In San Francisco we had 2 Water Damage calls today so far, there might be more coming.  There is no day off for water damage restoration companies,  we always have available teams to respond to residential and commercial water damage projects here in SF,  we are ready 24-hour, night or day!

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Why is important to have a fast response for structural drying.

First step is to remove standing water , extraction,  remove furniture from wet areas, remove wet water damaged carpet pad, remove wet baseboards,  then install water damage drying equipment,  and monitor the water damage process and drying on daily basis. We have capacity to handle small and large Water Damage Restoration jobs in San Francisco, from water damaged residential homes to large office and retail commercial projects.

Water remediation Process - Water Damage Restoration
Water Removal Proces in Bay Area

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Handling water seepage urgently is very important because of obvious reasons. This is because if one tries to neglect it, there could be lot of problems associated with it. Water seepage could happen unnoticed and could damage the roofing. It could lead to dampness of the room walls and might also result in bulging and cause damage to painting and even the cementing works. Hence the onus lies on the house owners to find out ways and means by which they can find out the best water damage restoration professionals. This is too complicated a job to be done by the house owner’s themselves because they are quite a few things that must be taken in account.

Following The Right Process Is Important

When going in for water removal from unwanted places, it is important to follow the right process. First and foremost identifying the right service provider is of paramount importance because of the complexity associated with such jobs. It is also critical that emergency contact be established with the service provider even if the damage is slight or even if the slightest symptoms are showing. The next part is to understand the need to go in for step by step water damage restoration. Here are a few steps that need to be gone through so that the entire job of restoration gets done speedily and thoroughly.

Inspecting and assessing the damage is very vital and critical. The time taken for repair, the kind of materials and tools that need to be used, the cost involved and other such factors would depend on such initial inspection. This again should be done only by experts who have the required experience and expertise. In fact many service providers identify the source of water leak and try and stop it. This will arrest and stop the spread of damage and restoration work will become that much simpler and less time consuming.

Water Extraction &Water Removal

Though the water seepage will stop once the source of water has been identified and plugged, the problem does not end there. It is very important find out ways and means by which the seeped water is removed or extracted. This is a tough job and calls for using the right technique and water extraction methods. Once this has been completed the process of drying and dehumidification should start. It is quite likely that the surfaces and areas might look dry once the water has been extracted and removed. However, when one looks a bit deeper it is quite likely that there could be hidden water and moisture which should be removed. This would call for the use of the right drying and dehumidifying equipment.

Cleaning, Sanitization And Restoration

Once the above processes have been completed the process of cleaning and sanitization should start. This is a very demanding task and would involve wet cleaning, dry cleaning, foam cleaning, abrasive cleaning and cleaning immersion techniques. Further there also would be the need to remove odor causing bacteria and microorganisms that could be living in crevices and other such deep place. This might call for fumigation activities and even ingesting of special chemicals, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents. There also would be the need to go in for fogging equipment and air scrubbers. Once the cleaning is completed and odor causing bacteria are killed then there would be the need to ensure that the problem does not occur again and to ensure that there is a permanent solution to the problem.

Towards this objective it is very important to understand the importance of the right restoration process. This is what water damage remediation is all about. In this process the main objective is to restore the entire structure and the damaged area back to its original form and shape. This might call for going through a number of processes. The restoration process should be done carefully and should not be hurried through. Once the process of restoration has been completed it is important that the original look and feel of the entire structure is brought back. Further it is also vital that the seepage does not happen again and the main source of leakage is properly sealed. Hence it is important to go through the entire process of water removal and water damage restoration in and organized and proper selection of service providers is very important.

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