5 Easy Ways To Fight It Off Until You’re Forced To Call A Specialist Mold Company

Everything you can do to prevent mold growing in your home until you call a mold company like Dryfast

Eventually you will need to call a mold company like Dryfast if you have a terrible problem you’re unable to do anything about. If you leave it you might end up with a massive hole in your bank account. That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything right now. Everyone who owns a home should be doing everything they can think of to spot mold dead in its tracks. Maybe a mold company will need to pay you a visit soon. You can do these things first and you might get away with things for a little longer.

Dry Your Bathroom Properly

Do you really need a mold company to tell you it’s important to dry your bathroom properly? Surprisingly a lot of people do and they will jump out of the shower and head off for the weekend leaving the place soaking wet. The reason mold grows in places like your bathroom in the first place is because it thrives on the moisture.

If you take a few minutes to dry up after yourself you’ll automatically solve the problem. Try to get into those shaded areas you might normally forget are even there.

Mold Company
Everything you can do to prevent mold growing in your home until you’ll be forced to call a mold company like Dryfast to fix serious problems.

Install More Insulation

There is a good chance your home might need more insulation. You can start by putting some around exposed pipes. The real problem is actually the condensation you have to get under control. If the moisture in the air ends up on your cold surfaces it can eventually become the breeding ground for mold.

Keep a close eye on things like concrete walls, windows, and water tanks too. If you can find a way to cut down on the amount of humidity in your rooms it’s also a great way to keep mold at bay as it will put an end to condensation.

Repair Any Leaks Without Fail

Can you say you don’t have a single leak inside your home at the moment? If you said no, why don’t you go into your attic to see if you can spot any sunlight shining through the tiles? Walk around testing all the showers and the taps in your home to see if any water spills out onto the floor.

If you leave any of these things for too long without repairing them your flooring is going to get soaking wet. When you have a combination of darkness and dampness working together mold doesn’t follow too far behind.

5 Easy Ways To Fight It Off Until You're Forced To Call A Specialist Mold Company

Don’t Forget Wet Clothes

When can you honestly say you’ve even considered wet clothes resulting in mold spreading throughout your home? It’s even worse if you don’t quickly dry them out until they’re only damp. When a piece of clothing is soaking wet the water could make its way anywhere.

The next time you want to leave a big pile of damp clothes on the floor you should take them out to dry in the wind. Otherwise a mold company will shake their head at you when they have to carry out repairs because of a sock.

General Home Maintenance

Do you know how long it takes before mold will start to form if the conditions are right? If you’re really unlucky it might take around 24 hours, so that mug of water you spill on the carpet and leave to dry up on its own could be the home of new mold the following day. The reason I’m talking about general home maintenance is because you should dry up anything as soon as you can see it’s wet. The sun might not take care of it for you. It should only take you a few seconds to dry up a damp patch anyway.

When To Call A Mold Company

Everything we’ve talked about today was designed to give you all the tools you need to prevent mold growing in your home. That doesn’t mean it won’t eventually happen. Sooner or later you might be forced to call a mold company like Dryfast. There are ways to get rid of mold on your own. If the job is too tough to tackle you’ll need help. Don’t go anywhere near toxic black mold if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is because it’s much more dangerous than the regular kind.

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