Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

No one wants or expects disaster, but this is something that cannot be predicted. Disasters are cause by fire, smoke and water and the damage they do to your homes can destroy families.

A fire in your home, depending on the size of it, will not only cause fire damage but it will also cause smoke and water damage. The water damage is cause by the fire fighters but water is their main source of fighting fire. a fire will lead to more than one kind of damage and you will need the assistance of a company that is equipped to restore the damage done by all three factors.

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration
Disasters are cause by fire, smoke and water and the damage they do to your homes can destroy families.

The damage done to a property from a fire needs to be addressed immediately if you intend to lessen the damage. The longer you wait to address the situation the more damage will be caused by the smoke, the residue and water used to out the fire which can cause mold. When you call Dryfast they will immediately come and access your property and this is the first step in restoration. This is a company with vast experience knowledge and experience in the restoration services. This is a company to call when hit by disaster.

Dryfast works by firstly securing the property, from trespassers and potential criminals. An inventory of all the items in the home is made and pictures are taken of the items. The movable items are quickly moved to storage and restore to its former condition or to the best it could be.

The restoration process starts at assessing the damage done by the fire and making a plan of restoration. It matters not the size of the fire it can not only cause damage to furniture but it will also cause damage to the infrastructure of the building and the fixtures installed. After the initial assessment a repair estimate is prepared that has to match that of the insurance company. The restoration process commence after the repair estimate is agreed on. This process involves repairing or removal of drywall, cabinets for the kitchen, tiles and other items that cannot be salvaged. The place is cleaned so as to accommodate the cleaning and the smoke odor removal crew. Dryfast smoke odor removal processes involved, sanding, soot vacuuming, ozone treatment, terminal fogging, application of odor sealant, air filtration and a few other practices.

Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

The construction repairs commence after the property is smoke odor free and inspected and deem safe. This company takes care of all aspects of restoration as they don’t outsource or sub-contracted to any other company or individual. The construction repairs include plumbing, insulation, painting, drywall, exterior siding, roofing and other things. During the construction repairs the items from the house is being cleaned at the company’s facilities. The non-salvageable items are documented and turned over to the insurance company for evaluation. The salvageable items readied and delivered to the destination specified by you.

The years of experience in this field that Dryfast has enables them to not only restore properties but documents as well. They will lend assistance in the form of guides through insurance procedures. Initially this company will provide consultation and once you decide they are the team you wish to use they will get an estimate and they will begin the process of returning your home to its former glory.

It is important to get your home inspected and evaluated by a restoration company immediately after you encounter a disaster such as a fire. This is need to be done right away to minimize the added damage caused by the fire itself and the process of drenching it. Dryfast is a restoration company that offers all the services needed for a full restoration of your home after a disaster. They have years of experience in the field of restoration that makes them masters of their trade. You can rest assure that you won’t have the problem of missing item or other larceny as this company never out sources or sub-contracts any other party to assist in your home restoration. This is the ideal company to contract to ensure you get the best services while your home is being restored. After a fire or any other disaster you may need the assistance of a reliable and comforting team to quickly restore your home and the wellness of your family.

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