Small Water Damage in an office SOMA San Francisco

Professional Water damage Restoration was performed at this small office located in a SOMA district in San Francisco. fresh water supply line burst early morning around 9 am and flooded the bathroom and small area in the hallway thanks to maintenance crew that works in the building, they came in immediately and shut off the water.

Water Damage
Water DamageWater DamageTeam Dryfast received the emergency Water Damage call at 9:35 am, responded to the job site at 10:15 am, quickly our water damage team/ Mike and Dimiter/ did moisture inspection and were able to locate all water damage areas and building materials.
We had wet carpet approximately 120 square feet, water damaged vinyl tiles, and furniture that we had to relocate, file cabinets sitting on a wet carpet, chairs, and other personal belongings.
Ones the entire water damaged area is cleared , we will than remove the baseboards and drill holes in the drywall to provide the needed ventilation and prevent potential mold growth, we will need to remove the vinyl tiles since water gets trapped underneath, dry the carpet in place, then treat it with anti-microbial solution.
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Water DamageWater Damage
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