Shower valve replacement, Mission district in San Francisco

Replacement of leaking shower valve in the Mission district, San Francisco.

San FranciscoSan FranciscoThis old Victorian house had couple of plumbing issues, the leaking shower valve and improperly installed copper pipe.
Stefan and John responded to this project, they have inspected the property and found that the only way to get to shower valve was through the ceramic tile surrounding. All options were discussed with the client so we all have better understanding of the process and the client knows what to expect.
The job was approved, our customer decided to change the tiles in the entire bathroom, according to him they were old and it was time to renovate the bathroom. This job turned from a plumbing repair to full bathroom renovation, in 2 weeks the bathroom was completely renovated, another happy client!
Thank you for reading, we will be back with another Construction or renovation project soon! Thank you.
San Francisco
San Francisco
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