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Dryfast provides commercial and residential Roofing services

We specialize in the following Roofing services:

● New Roof Installation
● Roof repair 24/7 service
● Roof inspection
● Roof and Gutter cleaning

New Roof installation

New roof will improve Waterproofing, value and the appearance of your home or business, providing quality rain protection for the next 20 to 40 years depending on roofing material choice.

Fast turnaround and reasonable prices

We will bring sample booklets and Roofing tiles, shingles or flat roof samples for you to choose from, we also do metal Roofs.

Our Roofing service starts with inspection, determining the existing condition, number of roofing layers, estimating the size of the roof including gutters, downspouts, valleys and roof vents or skylights, so we can put a detailed estimate for you. A typical 2000 square feet, single story home will take approximately 3 to 4 days to complete, including inspections, it may take another day or two if there is dryrot found under the existing roof that will need to be repaired.

Roof Repair

24/7 Emergency service

When you find out that your Roof is leaking, is usually time for immediate repair, our emergency response team will protect the property by installation ot tarp or another appropriate roofing material to ensure no rain water is getting into the property. We will also remove any furniture and personal belongings to a safe place in your property or with your authorization transport them our facility for storage during the roof repair.

We specialize in insurance claims, all roofing estimates will be prepared on Xactimateinsurance companies preferred estimating software, making it easy to read and understand for faster service.

Non emergency Roof repair

We will inspect the roof and advise you on what need to be addressed and repaired so you can have safe roof for the rainy season, Dryfast will repair the affected sections in timely manner, no job is too big or small, call us even if you only need a small roofing patch.

Roof Inspection

Annual Roof inspection is recommended to determine the current condition of your Roof, we will be able to tell you if any repairs are needed or if it is time for a new roof. Dryfast will suggest either you need Roof and Gutter cleaning, what kind of repair is needed and why, we will tell you how long the current roof will last before it needs repair or replacement including free estimate if anything needs to be done.

Roofing inspection report is also available, Our professional report is free of charge and provides detailed information about the roof
condition, including photographs, showing the good and the bad areas with detailed explanation.

Roofing and Gutter cleaning

Dryfast recommends all Roofs and Gutters to be cleaned ones a year, Leafs and debris are often collected on the roof at some corner of the property, also at the North side of the roof green Moss will grow. Ones the debris get wet they stay wet for a long time keeping the roof wet as well that can cause damage to most Roofing materials and Gutters.

Our cleaning process includes removal of standing leafs and debris, clearing the gutters and downspouts, ensuring there is no moss left.
If during the cleaning we discover any damages, we will notify you so you know ahead of time and prepare for the rain.

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