Quotes and Inspection


At Dryfast we are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction.

We provide estimates on all of our services and Property Insurance Claims. Detailed documentation utilizing Xactimate estimating software! We are licensed and insured. We also have extensive experience with Property insurance claims.

Inspection on the following Construction and Restoration Services:

  1. Water Damage Restoration
    Preparing insurance requirement bid, starting by drawing a sketch, populating every room and area in of the area, meeting insurance criteria by creating a very detailed, line item by line item estimate, documenting the entire process. We also work directly with property owners.
  2. Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration
    We provide inventory service, pack out, storage, cleaning and demolition as well as repair estimates. All estimates follow Insurance guidelines and criteria. We work with "Xactimate" estimating software.
  3. Mold Inspection
    If you know or you suspect your property has Mold call us! We provide professional Mold Inspection that deliver great results. We are equipped with the latest and greatest state of the art tools needed for a thorough inspection including Infra-Red Thermal Imaging Cameras and moisture meters.
    We have extensive experience and are confident that we can assess and solve all your mold remediation needs. All of our Mold Inspectors are Certified and with a minimum of 5 years hands on experience! Give us a call and find out what is causing the Mold Growth in your property.
  4. New Construction, Renovation and Remodel
    Dryfast has 3 General Contractors on board to ensure quality construction services. We specialize in New Construction Estimates, Renovation and Remodel estimating. You will receive your quote within 3 days of inspection.
    Our estimates are detailed and self explanatory. We also provide Insurance Claims Repair Estimates. With a Building Engineer on board we are able to establish an accurate estimate, reducing the need of change orders saving not only time but also money.