Mold Inspection and Mold Removal

Mold Inspection, Black Mold Testing and Mold Removal Process


Mold inspection should be as detailed as possible, obtaining information from client, finding available information on the property like: was there pre-existing mold condition, any known leaks in the past, roof damage, cracked exterior walls, drain issues, an ongoing water heater leak, leaky windows (windows type single or double panned). We inspect kitchen cabinets, also under the sink, all water fixtures, and bathroom moldy areas.

When inspecting for mold we use digital moisture meters to check every square feet with moisture inside the walls along with an infrared camera to help us further assess the moisture in the wall structure. Our experienced mold inspectors are qualified to locate and spot the cause of the mold damage. We also look for specific signs that mold leaves behind. We can also see when mold is about to develop.

Mold Testing and Air Sampling

If you have any concerns that mold is present but are not too sure about it because you do not see any visual signs of mold yet, we suggest you to perform an air test.

An Air Mold Test  (Spore Trap Analysis) helps us understand what the current air quality is. It provides us with a detailed report showing the type of microbial growth, amount of Mold Spores, and an infographic chart comparing indoor to outdoor mold spore count. This report from the Spore Trap Analysis gives us legitimate documentation of the Air Status inside and outside. Finding out if there is an abnormal amount of Mold spores or not is the most accurate way of testing. Our Spore Trap Analysis test uses Zefon Cassettes.

If there is mold present, we will prepare detailed estimate for mold cleanup. A line item by line item estimate that is easy to read and understand, explaining the whole process.

Mold Removal and remediation services.

Mold Remediation starts with building containment. We build a containment (barrier) to separate affected areas and to keep everything contained in the same area that already has mold. All of the work is done in the containment. The containment is under negative air pressure, to ensure that no mold spores are released outside of the work area.

Our negative air filtration units have a HEPA filter, and 2 pre-filters to make sure that the air is adequately filtered. We then begin with the removal of mold contaminated material. The drywall, flooring, cabinets, and whatever else was contaminated with the mold. We then sand wood joists and beams and apply anti-microbial solution. Hepa vacuuming, furniture cleaning and decontamination of walls and floors are also a part of finishing the process.

We have inspected residential and commercial properties. We have found mold in apartment buildings, rental properties, universities, retail stores, churches and more. When you need a San Francisco Mold Removal, a mold remediation company experienced in Mold Inspection and report,  you have visited the right place.

Our Mold Inspection and Mold Remediation inspection staff consists of certified and well trained experienced professionals who are familiar with local regulations for professional Mold Removal. We are also certified for Mold Inspection and Mold Testing in San Francisco, California. We can answer your questions and provide suggestions when needed.

A typical Mold inspection consists of a detailed analysis and report

We inspect for Mold the following very often moldy surfaces:

  1. Window frames
  2. Interior and exterior walls
  3. Basements
  4. Garages and attics
  5. Water heater rooms
  6. Personal contents

Get the most effective solution for your Mold Removal project

We provide: Mold Inspection, Mold Removal, Mold remediation, and mold testing to successfully kill the mold for you.

Services Prices
Mold inspection and Report from $295
Mold Testing and Report from $395
Mold Remediation from $450

Permanent Mold Removal and Remediation

Mold are type of fungi - which is neither a plant nor an animal. There is no photosynthesis in mold rather the ultraviolet rays from the sun barricades the growth of mold. The major adversity is the fact that they eventually “eat” up the surface they grow on. Sometimes feeding off the bio-film that's on the interior walls. Mold basically breaks down decaying organic matter such as fabrics, paper, plants, leaves and other.

Mold growth can be spotted in places like soil, dead plants and animals as far as outdoor growth is concerned. When it comes to indoors, they may grow in places like carpet, paper, clothes, leather, drywall, wood surfaces, insulation and food.

Stop the mold spreading the right way!

Mold mainly grows in places where there is moisture, carbon and organic materials. That’s why the chances of mold growth are high in places where moisture content is high. It is important that you make sure you don’t have any damp conditions in your house. Regular checking for water leakage, water damage, seepage, condensation of water, etc. would help you in your mold prevention.

Mold growth can be the result of water accumulation at a particular place for 48 hours or more. You have to be careful during the rainy season because apart from the accumulation of water in this season, the temperature is also crucial for mold development during this time.

In recent years, there has been an up rise in mold development because of the new construction codes which needs buildings to be more airtight which reduces the air movement in the buildings , as a result of which moist air accumulates in some pockets of the buildings resulting into mold growth.

Not all molds are harmful though and cause negative health effects. There are thousands of species of molds, however, only 16 of them are named to be toxic molds. They are known to release mono-toxins which are considered to be fatal for humans and animals.

Examples of such molds are Aspergillus, Fusarium, Paecilomyces, Penicillium , Stachybotrys, Trichoderma. In most cases, these molds are black in color. One of the main causes of sick building syndrome is the mono-toxins released by the mold spores. The mono-toxins then quickly spread throughout the building through the air.

Mold Removal Services

When a building owner chooses us for their mold remedial process, we make sure that we provide our clients with unmatched customer service, satisfaction and value for their money. We understand the importance of the situation since mold can have extreme and adverse effects on the inhabitants and users of the building. Our team of experts will test the mold development both pre and post remediation activity to ensure quality service.

Our consultants are well trained and qualified to perform the mold remediation procedures. We do all of our jobs with utmost caution.We are a restoration company specialized in mold removal, That would help property owners to save time, money, and property damage. we use Mold Remediation products that are registered by EPA and OSHA and are completely safe. We comply with IICRC Standard Guidelines and is your ideal choice for any mold remediation process.

We have separated this service category for the following reasons :
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2. Better communication with clients, being able to answer all questions, our office personnel is highly educated on mold related problems.
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