Fire Damage Restoration

Emergency smoke and fire damage restoration


When fire engulfs a building or a home, the damage can not only be due to fire and smoke but also due to water. The aim of the fire fighters is to douse the fire as quickly as they can, and hence the water cannons are directed to sprinkle water wherever there is a possibility of the fire to spread.
Consequently, the damage is not only because of ash, smoke and fire residue but also because of water and mold, if the water is not dried immediately. In such a scenario, a property fire damage restoration company needs to assess the damage and clean up as soon as possible to minimize the damage to property and valuables. Dryfast has extensive experience in high quality fire damage restoration services. A quick response is often needed to take effective measures to lessen damages caused by fire.

How DryFast works?

Dryfast works fast! By first securing the affected property and reduce chances of pilferage, burglary or unauthorized entry. We prepare an inventory of all the items in the space, those that can be salvaged and those that need to be discarded.
Once pictures of the inventory have been taken, we work fast to move the furniture, movables, electronics, artworks, etc to our warehouse (where our team will work to restore the items to their original condition or the closest to it) which is climate controlled, to limit further damage. Our focus is to first remove excessive water and dry the moisture in the property before starting the structural repairs.

The Process of Restoration

Fire causes extensive damage to not only the furniture and movables, but can also melt the electrical wiring and affect the structure of the building. Whether the fire is big or small, the damage needs to be assessed thoroughly before preparing an estimate and plan the fire damage restoration process. The Dryfast restorative process can be broadly described in the following steps:

  1. General Evaluation and Assessment:
    When fire and smoke damage occurs, we start with an evaluation and assessment of the fire loss. We take pictures and itemize the inventory. We separate the salvageable items from the non-salvageable ones. Based on that evaluation partial or complete pack-out of personal belongings and furniture is done and then they are transported to our climate controlled storage units. Every item is documented.
  2. Preparing the repair estimates:
    Our construction division estimator will prepare a repair estimate that matches the insurance company estimate and once the estimate is agreed upon the repair work starts. The repairs include removing drywall, tiles, kitchen cabinets, and all other non salvageable building materials and then providing access to the structure for cleaning and smoke odor removal treatment.
    Some of the smoke damage restoration and odor removal procedures that Dryfast follows include ozone treatment, soot hepa vacuuming, sanding, application of odor sealant, charcoal filter air filtration, thermal fogging with oil-based smoke odor destroying solution, among others.
  3. Construction Repairs:
    Once the structure is free of smoke odors and inspected to be safe. Construction repairs begin. As a general contracting and restoration company, Dryfast carries out all the repairs, no project is sub-contracted to another party. The structural repairs include roofing, drywall, painting, exterior siding, plumbing and insulation, among others.
  4. Cleaning and Delivery :
    While the construction is in progress, cleaning of salvageable items takes place at our cleaning facility and the non-salvageable items are documented for insurance evaluation. Once all the above steps are complete, the items are ready for delivery to a client specified location.

General Assistance

DryFast is an independently owned and operated company and has 13 years of experience in restoring properties and documentation. We can guide you through thes entire insurance and documentary procedures that need to be followed.
We will not only record every step. We will also follow up, for insurance purposes. We will also guide you through the documentary requirements for successful filing of the claims for your home or business office. We provide you with free initial consultation and estimate on your property once you approach us for assistance. In the case of emergency projects, we do not charge any upfront cost to start restoration.