Animal And Insect Infestation Services

Animal And Insect Infestation Services

Dryfast professional animal and insect infestation specialists guaranteed to make your home spotless and kill harmful toxins in the air.

Whenever an animal breaks into your home you have to be very careful, because unfortunately they can cause a lot of problems.
Animals come in all shapes and sizes, some look cute and others look like vermin you wouldn’t go anywhere near in a million years.
But whether you’re faced with raccoons, rats, birds, mice, or any other animal lucky enough to find its way into your home, you’re left with one huge problem.
Sooner or later it’s going to urinate or defecate all over its hiding place, and the lasting damage can be devastating.

The Dangers Of Urine And Feces

When an animal urinates or defecates in your attic or the crawl spaces around your home, it will drastically affect the air quality.
If you’re unlucky you won’t just end up with a disgusting smell floating around your home, but instead you could become very sick.
The feces will have a bad reaction with the air inside your home, which will release a lot of harmful fumes and toxins.
It won’t take long until these dangerous toxins proceed to move throughout your attic, crawl spaces, and air duct systems until they finally arrive in the living areas of your home.
Over time you’ll breathe in the toxic air, and it will pass into your lungs. This will be an ever bigger problem if you have older people or young children living with you, but everyone is at risk, including you.

Dryfast Are Here To Help

Our specialists at Dryfast have years and years of experience under our belt dealing with animal and insect infestations, and whenever you have a problem we’re only a phone call away.
We can deal with animal and insect infestation insurance claims if you’re eligible, but even if you’re not insured we work on non-insured problems too and we’d be happy to speak with you about a price depending upon your needs.
Like many other people in your current situation, you might wrongly assume your problem will go away. This isn’t always the case, and even if you clean up the urine and feces there is still a chance you’ll get sick.
Instead of telling you why the danger might be harder to eradicate than you think, we’re going to go over the services we offer to show you why it’s sometimes more complicated than a simple clean up.

The Animal Infestation Services We Offer

Here is a full breakdown of all the animal infestation services we offer, although you might not need them all and it will depend on how badly your home has been affected by the animal intruders.

Cleaning Of Contaminated Area

The first step in the process is obviously to clean the affected area of urine and feces if you’ve not already done so. This will include a sweep of the area to make sure nothing has been missed, because if the animal has been in there for a while they could have left a mess in multiple different places. After making sure all areas near the contamination site are clear, everything will be cleaned up to professional standards using specialist products.

Antimicrobial Treatment

When you normally clean something up it’s fine to use soapy water and you don’t have anything else to worry about, but when it comes to the mess left by animals it’s a completely different story. The contaminated area in your attic or crawl spaces will only be considered fully clean once they’ve had antimicrobial treatment to completely kill the spread of harmful toxins, and it should help protect the affected areas should the animals think about coming back in the future to cause havoc on your home once again.

Removal Of Insulation

The insulation inside your attic is like a sponge, and when it comes into contact with urine and feces it will soak everything up. If the insulation has come into contact with something, no matter how big or small, it will need to be torn out. This could be the insulation lying on your attic floor, or even the stuff inside your attic walls which are much harder to reach. Once all the contaminated insulation has been removed, fresh replacements will be used to ensure your home remains 100% insulated.

Replacement Of Drywall

The insulation is easy to replace, but sometimes the urine and feces will end up staining your drywall. Once it has soaked into the drywall the optimal solution is to tear out the problem areas and to replace the drywall with new material. You can be sure your attic will look the exact same as the way you remember it, minus the urine and feces stains of course, as our specialists are skilled in the replacement of drywall.

Framing Decontamination

We aren’t a qualified construction company, although tearing down the framing inside your attic is overkill anyway. That being said, the framing around your attic is still a target for the animals and it could end up being contaminated. We shall have to use our specialist cleaning products to completely decontaminate the frames which have been exposed to urine and feces, which is harder than taking something out and replacing it.

We Guarantee An Excellent Service

  • An animal and insect infestation is the last thing anyone should need to deal with, but because they’re so small it doesn’t take a lot for them to find a way into your attic if there are any openings.
  • Depending on the severity of the mess they leave, you shouldn’t forget about the damage after it’s been wiped up or soaked into the floor. The only reason we say this is due to the health risks involved, and it wouldn’t be nearly as serious if harmful toxins weren’t released into the air.
  • When you choose Dryfast, you get a company with a huge amount of experience dealing with these problems every single day. There aren’t any situations we’ve not come across, so we’ll be able to deal with anything you decide to throw at us.
  • We live to serve our customers to the best of our abilities, so if you have an animal and insect infestation problem you want taken care of, please contact us straight away and we can have an emergency services specialist with you in under 45 minutes.

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