24/7 Emergency Board up Service

24/7 Emergency Board up Service

Everything You Need To Know About Our 24/7 Emergency Board Up Service

24-7 Emergency Board up Service Facts

Everything you need to know about our 24/7 emergency board up service including the circumstances in which it will become very useful to you.

Dryfast is happy to offer our customers a 24/7 emergency board up service, which is vital in securing your property because you never know what time of the day or night you’ll need to call upon our services. The main reason we offer the 24/7 emergency board up service is because we don’t want you to stand guard outside your property until morning, but as you’ll find out there are other times when it’s crucial you call us up depending on what happens to your home. Not only does our service run 24 hours a day, but we try our utmost to get there early.

Arriving Within The Hour

Due to the fact we offer a 24/7 emergency board up service, it means we have someone manning the phone at all times patiently waiting for your call. As soon as you reach us, we will send one of our team out before we put down the phone. This will ensure they reach your home within one hour, which is impressive if you compare it to companies offering a similar service. Not only will we promise to reach you within the first hour, but depending on your location we’ll aim to get there even sooner.

The Bay Area And Las Vegas

Obviously there are some limitations if we’re to reach you within an hour, because we don’t have the means to service customers outside the areas we cover. You’ll be safe if you live within the San Francisco Bay Area or Las Vegas, Nevada. If you live outside those areas we’re afraid we won’t be able to help, and you’ll need to call another company closer to home that works within a closer proximity to your property.

Our Trucks Are Ready To Go

When providing a board up service, we’ll need plenty of materials if we’re going to leave your home completely secure. Instead of waiting around for your phone call before we organize everything, which would only waste valuable time, we have a truck in each of our locations loaded up with lots of plywood, 2x4s, and tarp to guarantee the job is done properly. After years of being called out to provide the board up service, we know to come prepared with all the essential materials we might need.

Why Call Us Immediately

Earlier on we talked about why it’s sometimes crucial you call us straight away depending on your circumstances, and what it related to was the aftermath of a fire inside your home. You should realize the fire services won’t be able to leave your home once the fire has been put out unless your home is completely secure, which won’t be the case if the damage your home sustained was substantial. It basically means if you want the firemen to leave your home so they can help other people, you’ll need us to step in and take over from them once the fire has been put out.

Smashed Windows And Broken Doors

There are other circumstances in which you might need our services, and luckily they don’t all involve the destruction of your home due to a fire. If you have children they might be playing with a ball in the garden, and if they’re not careful they could easily smash a window. It might be a while before you can get it repaired, but we will be able to come out and board it up until you find someone to put in a new window for you. Although you might think a company could do it straight away, what if your window needs to be ordered in? The same thing applies to a broken door, but we’ll not guess how it could end up damaged.

You’ve Been Broken Into

Another more sinister reason why you might need to call us out is because someone has broken into your home, as burglars aren’t always so kind as to pick the lock on your door. You might arrive home from a night out to find a hole in your window and glass lying on the floor, and even though you’ll need to wait up for the police you won’t be able to go to bed with a giant hole in your home where your window used to be. Give us a call and you’ll be able to go to sleep then deal with the problem after you’ve had a few hours to get the shock out of your system.

A Deterrent To Burglars

Even if you don’t end up with a broken window because someone has burgled your home, you’ve got to admit it would be pretty tempting for a burglar to climb inside to empty your rooms if there was a simple way for them to gain entry. A broken door or window is almost the same as a giant arrow pointing at your home asking burglars to come in, but when you call us up and we board everything shut it will act as the perfect deterrent. It will actually stop anyone from thinking they can climb in, which brings up another important point.

You Might Be Held Liable

We don’t think it’s wise to get into a deep discussion about whether the law is right or wrong, but you should know you might be held liable for any injuries if someone was to try gaining entry to your home. The last thing you need is a lawsuit due to someone cutting themselves on broken glass you’ve left exposed, but once we’ve boarded up your home you won’t be liable for anything. As long as you do everything you can to sort out the problem the law will always be on your side.

Get In Touch With Us Today

As you can see, there are many reasons why our 24/7 emergency board up service will come in useful. It also definitely helps that we’ll reach you within an hour, because any time you call us you’ll only have a maximum of 60 minutes to stand guard and you won’t hold up the fire service. No matter what problem you’re faced with, if you need to ensure your home is secure we’re only an hour away as soon as you pick up the phone.