Santa Rosa Water Damage Restoration and Structural Drying

Hello everyone,  hope you are having a wonderful day,  today is Monday the 23rd of March,  the first quarter of the year it is almost through. Nice weather outside, but we still get Water Damage Restoration calls in Santa Rosa,  yes water restoration emergencies caused by burst supply lines,  old galvanized steel pipes, that are corroded and can not hold the water pressure.  Flood can occur within minutes of the damage, and if no one is home to shut off the water , water  damage can spread across the entire house, causing water damage to walls and carpet, hardwood floors and all building materials that absorbs water.

In Santa Rosa we now have a warehouse that is conveniently located so fast 24/7 emergency response team can be at your house in minutes, we provide water extraction, water pumping,  structural drying,  water removal from carpet,  and all restoration repairs. Yes we do work with insurance companies and we use same estimating software for quick estimate approval.

Why hire a professional service for water restoration &repair as a result of water damage?

Whether it is a burst pipe, a hurricane, an overflow, a rising river, or any other situation that has flooded your house with water, the water will damage both the structure and your belongings in its path. A professional company will understand how traumatizing it might be for you and your family to experience a water damage emergency. They will understand that addressing, assessing and restoring the damage right away is absolutely necessary. Whether you are experiencing full blown flooding or merely a leak, they will be readily on the job. They know that there is never enough time to react in the face of a catastrophe. As soon as you notify us, they will immediately respond so the problem can be seized right away.

Santa Rosa Water Damage Restoration
Dryfast Santa Rosa Employee

Water damage can occur because of the following reasons:

  • Cresting rivers or streams
  • Dishwasher and/or washing machine overflow
  • Flooded basements
  • Frozen or leaking water lines or pipes
  • Heavy rains
  • Overflowing bathtub, sink or toilet
  • Roof leaks

If water that has entered into the house is not immediately cleared and cleaned up, even the foundation of the house can be affected and possibly damaged. Furthermore problems such as mold can also be caused as a result of water that has flooded a house. Therefore, these additional problems can also be avoided by hiring a professional water repair company that will effectively get rid of all that water. Homeowners who actually try to clear up the water on their own might in fact end up leaving water behind in hard to reach places or elsewhere, which can also result in damaging problems. On the other hand water damage companies perform their job of getting rid of every last drop of water so that there is no chance that further problems would be cause by leftover water.

There are a variety of classes into which water damage can be broken into:

Class 1: Typically, this class of water damage affects a small area and there is minimal or no water carpeting. Your belongings will absorb minimum moisture and the water will dry up quickly.

Class 2: Generally, a whole room or space in involved in this class of water damage, where the water has flooded the area with a less than 24 inches wicking.

Class 3: Flooding that causes this class of water damage usually emerges from overhead and saturates carpets, ceilings, cushions, subfloors, and walls. From the foundation, the water can rise up to 2 feet high and therefore;a high level of extraction is required.

Water Removal Equipment

  • Hygrometers, moisture detectors, and other meters to detect the extent of the saturation of moisture.
  • Infrared camera in order to identify the location of water so that water can be removed thoroughly.
  • Gas-powered and submersible pumps to pump out high-level water continuously.
  • Extract units, both portable and truck mounted, to remove water efficiently.
  • Anti-Microbial Treatments, Germicides, and Sanitizing Agents.
  • Deodorization products for controlling odors caused by excessive moisture can be controlled.
  • Disinfection products to stop bacteria, bacteria, fungi, and mildew.

Advanced and Specialized Drying Equipment

  • Drying equipment to prevent water from damaging property such as swelling and warping of floors, furniture, and walls.
  • Industrial grade dehumidifiers to keep secondary water damage at minimum.
  • Special drying techniques using training and state of the art equipment under certain circumstances.


Since restoring your property as it was before it got damaged by water, and that is why a professional water restoration company will personally work with your insurance provider. We also have our own loss assessors and adjusters to ensure that the loss that you suffered as a result of the water damage is fully covered by your insurance provider. No matter what your restoration and cleanup needs, we will offer prompt emergency response so you can give them a call right away. For mold removal and mold testing visit our mold restoration service page.

Thank you residents of Santa Rosa, do not forget who to call, I am Mike with Dryfast of Santa Rosa, Your local restoration guy.

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