San Mateo sees BIG water damage in tiny space

Dryfast responded to this call early yesterday morning from some familiar clients who own properties all around the bay area.

water damage

water damagewater damageThey described the issue to be a water leak from the walls and ceiling of a small hallway bathroom in one of their apartment homes in San Mateo. We sent our experienced tech Ivan out to do the job, and there he found a wet ceiling surrounding the vent and he found damage on the vinyl floors and a section of the drywall located behind the toilet was wet and damaged as well. This was a result of a recent toilet back up issue. Fortunately they fixed the problem, but unfortunately our client was left with the damage. Ivan arrived prepared and with the okay from the owners, he went ahead and proceeded with the repair process. Vinyl was pulled out and the baseboards behind the toilet were also pulled. Holes were drilled on the ceiling around the vent, and behind the toilet to allow ventilation and dry the walls. Dryfast uses what we call, “air movers”to dry out the insides of walls or any surface which has been damaged by water. In this case, the area was very tiny, so our tech was only able to use one air mover for the bathroom, which will take a little longer for drying but will definitely get the job done.
Right outside this tiny room there is a hallway and it is carpeted, so naturally the water did reach the carpet and cause some water damage there. The clients tenant had cleaned it all out when we arrived but there was some wet carpet about 1 ft out from the door. Padding was removed but due to the small bathroom and vanity area the air mover was placed off to the side for drying. Again, it may take a little longer but in the end the job was completed and the water damage was gone. Our company ensures a job well done every time, no matter what obstacles come in our way. Our goal to satisfy our clients pushes us to be thorough, responsive and professional. Water damage is no match to Dryfast.

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