Renovation Services New Apartment Building Owners Will Desperately Need

Renovation services Dryfast can provide for anyone who has just bought their first apartment building and wants to charge tenants premium rent.

Renovation Services New Apartment Building Owners Will Desperately NeedWhen you buy your first apartment building it’s exciting, but that initial feeling of excitement can quickly turn to dread when you realize there is a lot of work that needs to be completed.

Buying the building is only the beginning and you’ll need the aid of a company to provide renovation services, which isn’t a bad thing for one obvious reason. If your apartments are of a higher quality you’ll be able to charge the tenants more money to live in them.

Dryfast offer free consultations and estimates, so you only need to pick up the phone and we can have everything worked out as quickly as possible. Let’s look at some of the renovation services we provide that your tenants will love.

Dryfast Renovation Services For Landlords

A full kitchen renovation –your tenants will not want to pay premium money if the kitchen is lacking in quality, and that doesn’t even have anything to do with the age of your appliances. If a kitchen looks old and haggard it won’t be the most attractive place in the world to cook food, and some people will associate a horrible kitchen with a breeding ground for germs likely to make them sick. It only takes us a few weeks to whip everything out and put it back together again.

A full bathroom renovation –if there is a room people care most about after the kitchen it’s definitely the bathroom. They’ll have their own beds and living room sofas, but a tenant can’t rip out their dirty toilet and put a new one in. You might need a new bathroom if all the fittings are old, or people who come to view your apartment will think it looks like a public toilet that hasn’t been touched in 20 years.

Renovation Services New Apartment Building Owners Will Desperately NeedA few quick touch ups –if you don’t need a complete renovation carried out in every room, which could add up if you have a large apartment building, we can always come along and touch up a few things. After our specialist has visited the building, they might tell you a few kitchens could use new countertops and some others need the cabinet doors replaced. You will get a list of everything on the estimate we send out, so you’re more than welcome to check it all out before we proceed.

Animal infestation problems –when a building hasn’t been looked after for a while, there is a good chance animals have found their way into the attic at some point in time. Even if they’ve left they always leave a mess, so we can replace everything they’ve damaged. If the attic is covered in feces the tenants living directly underneath it won’t appreciate the smell, plus you also have to be careful because the smells floating throughout your building could actually make people sick. It’s better to call us out to check if you want to be on the safe side.

Waterproofing the apartments –you’ve seen it in the movies before, and you’ll finally realize where they got the idea from if you don’t sort it out. You’ll receive a call one day telling you there is mold growing on the ceiling because water has found a place to sit. Not only is it bad for someone’s health, but the last thing anyone needs is to rent an apartment where they’re constantly battling leaks. It’s even worse for people living on the top floor, but you’ll put their minds at ease by sorting everything out before they show up.

Dryfast Can Do Almost Anything

Renovation Services New Apartment Building Owners Will Desperately NeedAlthough we’ve only touched on a few of the renovation services we currently offer, we are capable of doing almost anything. If you have an idea of something you want done, we’re more than happy to have a conversation with you to see if we can work something out. All of your apartments can be transformed from top to bottom.

If you already own apartment buildings and you have insurance, call us out to fix anything for you. We will work with your insurance company to repair everything in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. If you have a company like Dryfast you can trust, you won’t have to bang your head against the wall when you get phone calls at odd times in the morning.



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