Rat feces Cleaning and Decontamination in San Mateo.

Rat feces cleaning and decontamination in San Mateo. Property manager called us early morning at 6:30 am, requesting immediate assistance with Cleaning and Decontamination of a rat feces on the entrance of a building.


CleaningCleaningClient was afraid of everyone tracking the contamination into the building, so this is why he was urging to have it cleaned on time. Since we have location around the corner, in San Carlos, we were able to respond on time, bringing all cleaning and restoration equipment needed for this project.

7 am, we are here all ready, rat feces were extracted, then the are was cleaned and sanitized with self contained floor cleaning machine, ones completed entire area was treated with anti-microbial solution .

CleaningCleaning7:35 am, job was completed, all cleaned , sanitized and ready to use, this is the third time the client uses our services, he was very happy with the outcome saying/ with smile on his face/ that he will definitely use us in the future, but he hopes that he don’t have to.
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