Property Construction and Repair Project by Dryfast in Pacifica

Dryfast team are now in Pacifica to perform their new Property Construction and Repair Project. In this outdoor project their task is to do overall renovation of this property. They have to rebuild it from the inside out and also renovate the balcony.

As you can see here from this video Dryfast team is finishing the wood siding of this  balcony which is in a lot better shape than before. It had limestone panels  and needed repairing. In a couple of days the balcony is going to be all ready and completely finished. The team are looking forward to complete this project.


Dryfast team are examining the condition of the property
Dryfast team are working on the inside of this property


As always Dryfast team performed a thorough site inspection before the start of renovation in order to decide what is the exact extent of the damage to the property and what kind of repairments should be done.


Dryfast team has to decide what repairments to do in the property
Dryfast team at the job site of the property in Pacifica


After the first assessment of the property is made, an engineer is going to draw the blue prints of the new property plan and give it to the planning department for approval. This department determines if there are limitations to the particular project.



Property Construction and Repair by Dryfast in Pacifica
A worker from Dryfast working on the project in Pacifica


We from Dryfast always strive to help our clients get through the restoration process as quickly and as fast as possible. We are specialized in property insurance reconstruction and handle the entire reconstruction  from start to finish.


Dryfast's Project in Pacifica
Dryfast’s worker is doing a floor reparment in the Pacifica property


Our teams are fully equipped with construction repair trucks suitable for many kinds of tasks and hundreds of building tools. Thus, this fact makes us  ready to begin a construction project within a week from estimate approval.

If you want to get more information about other services, visit our Construction and Renovation section on our page.


Dryfast workers are in Pacifica for their project
Dryfast workers at the job site in Pacifica


Our teams ultimately work with the insured clients and we work in parallel with the insurance adjuster of the client and insurance representative in order to complete their property claim and repair our client’s  property in a cost-effective way.


Dryfast workers making arrangements for the repairment
Workers from Dryfast’s team are preparing the building equipment for their project


Our team offers repair estimates on insurance claims due to natural disasters such as fire and water damage,  earthquake, storm damage and animal infestation.


Dryfast workers at the job site
Dryfast workers making estimations at the construction site in Pacifica.



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