Dryfast team performed Water Damage and Restoration Project in San Bruno

Dryfast team are now in San Bruno to work on their new Water Damage and Restoration Project in a property there. This house needs repairing because it had experienced a serious water leak. The bathroom is seriously affected by the leak. As you can see from the first video, the ceiling in the bathroom is leaking and the water needs to be contained. The team waited for the water to drain before beginning with their work.



Water Damage Restoration performed by Dryfast.
Dryfast has the task to perform water containment in this property in San Bruno.


Water Damage Remediation in San Bruno by the team of Dryfast
As you can see from the photos this bathroom needs renovation as it was affected by a leak.


There was a small leak from the shower above. The team  treated it with an antimicrobial after the drywall had been removed. The team set up inside the bathroom a dehumidifier and an air mover to dry quickly the excess moisture. With the help of a plumber, the shower pipe will be fixed.



Dryfast team uses dehumidifiers for the bathroom moisture
A dehumidifier used by Dryfast team in the bathroom to remove the excess moisture



In order to repair this damaged by the leak bathroom, the team has to detach all the accessories, replace the tiolet and the suplly lines, remove the tiles from the floor and the walls and put new ones, replace the vanity, the sink, the faucets,  put a new granite countertop with a cut sink.



You can see from this video the area which was flooded and the the source of the flooding. You can see from which direction the water is coming. The workers are using dehumidifiers to remove the excess moisture and a fan under the carpets to dry them completely.

The reason for the water flooding is a foundation issue, as there is water coming from above the basement room and entering the property The team are using a pump to extract the excess water. In order to take care of the issue, the first step for the team is to do repairs on the wall. An engineer is going to check the wall there and give his opinion about what should be done in the repairment process.


Dryfast team are performing Water Damage Restoration Project
This bathroom wall has to be removed by Dryfast to repair the water pipes




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