Property Repair Project in Santa Clara

Dryfast crew were in Santa Clara for their Water Damage Restoration Project

Our teams were called out in Santa Clara for another Water Damage Restoration Project. The property there was seriously damaged by a recent flooding.  Our team first started removing all the affected materials out of the building. After this they cut the wood panels of the walls in half in order to change all the electricity wiring, then to install new sockets and electrical wires, and build new walls. (more…)
Property Restoration after a Water Damage Project

Dryfast team were called to an apartment in Castro Valley to perform their Water Damage Project

This time Dryfast team were called in to perform Water Damage Restoration Project in an apartment situated in Castro Valley. There was a flooding  there and most rooms of the apartment were affected. You can follow from all the photos and the video the whole process of renovation. The flooding caused a serious damage to the apartment's walls, wooden flooring,  ceiling, wooden framework, electrical wiring. (more…)

Dryfast team performed Water Damage Restoration Project in a commercial building in Rohnert Park

The team of Dryfast this time were called in due to a big commercial water loss in Ronhert Park. The crew  performed there Water Damage Restoration Project. A commercial building was flooded and the whole floor of the first unit was covered in water. It's a storehouse with a lot of goods in there that were affected by the water. (more…)
Dryfast team are working on the scaffolding of the new house

Dryfast performed another Construction and Repair Project in Walnut Creek

Dryfast were called to a site in Walnut Creek. For their new project Dryfast team had to perform Construction and Repair Project. They had to construct a new additional house to a property with the size of 1000 sq ft whose building is going to take 1 month. You can see from these pictures and the videos the workers' progress on the property construction. The progress of this project is going well. (more…)
Dryfast team at the job site

Dryfast team performed Water Damage and Restoration Project in San Bruno

Dryfast team are now in San Bruno to work on their new Water Damage and Restoration Project in a property there. This house needs repairing because it had experienced a serious water leak. The bathroom is seriously affected by the leak. As you can see from the first video, the ceiling in the bathroom is leaking and the water needs to be contained. The team waited for the water to drain before beginning with their work. (more…)