This Brisbane flat needs repairing as it's affected by mosture

Mold Inspection and Water Damage Restoration Project Brisbane

Today the team of Dryfast was  performing Mold Inspection Brisbane Services for their new project. They performed Mold Inspection and Water Damage Restoration Project in a flat affected by mold. When the team had arrived there for a mold inspection, the client had already removed the wallpaper of the wall to show the appearance of black mold. As they  do in every other project, DryFast team document the entire process of their inspection of the property and give the client the complete documentation of the property's current condition as well as certified written mold report. We can clearly see that…

Mold Remediation due to water leak, Market Street, San Francisco

Mold Removal project in San Francisco, this bathroom had continuous leak for years, the house is old and not much improvement was done over the last 35 years, so the entire plumbing is 35 + years old.  Customer hire Dryfast to repair both issues, the leak and the Mold damage. House was recently purchased and needed many repairs. The roof is bad, the entire plumbing needs replacement, drains, windows leak and much more. Of course you need to be ready to do it all, or just do portions. The bathroom repair started together with the Mold Remediation, so we…
Black Mold

Hayward East Bay Black Mold Project

A home in Hayward called us about serious mold growth in their attic space. We did an air-quality test, finding severely elevated levels of Penicillium/Aspergillus, a common but undesirable household mold, and Stachybotrys Chartarum – also known as the dreaded Black Mold. These molds had gotten a foothold thanks to residual moisture in their attic, which wasn't allowed to ventilate thanks to a broken air circulation system in the home. When we came in, we saw the mold had affected a number of areas with discoloration. These spots are dangerous. Even though the mold permeates wet areas within walls or…
Our team fitted out the building with new scaffolding

New insullation set up in Woodside

This time Dryfast crew were called in Woodside to renovate an old insulation of a house there. Their Property Construction Project included the setting up of a new insulation, new water pipes, electrical wiring. The previous insullation was worn out and tattered  and our team had to replace it with a new one. Also the old gutters and the electrical wiring had to be changed. (more…)
Dryfast workers at the job site

Installation of a new roof in Campbell by Dryfast

Our teams were called in Campbell  to check out a building whose roof was flooded. A recent heavy rain had caused a serious damage to the property's roofing. The whole covering was drenched with water  and had to be renovated. The standing water on the roof caused some serious leaks inside the property and our team had the task to perform Construction and Repair Project. (more…)