Mold Remediation due to water leak, Market Street, San Francisco

Mold Removal project in San Francisco, this bathroom had continuous leak for years, the house is old and not much improvement was done over the last 35 years, so the entire plumbing is 35 + years old.  Customer hire Dryfast to repair both issues, the leak and the Mold damage. House was recently purchased and needed many repairs. The roof is bad, the entire plumbing needs replacement, drains, windows leak and much more. Of course you need to be ready to do it all, or just do portions. The bathroom repair started together with the Mold Remediation, so we…

Dryfast team performed Water Damage Restoration Project in a commercial building in Rohnert Park

The team of Dryfast this time were called in due to a big commercial water loss in Ronhert Park. The crew  performed there Water Damage Restoration Project. A commercial building was flooded and the whole floor of the first unit was covered in water. It's a storehouse with a lot of goods in there that were affected by the water. (more…)