Construction and Repair Project by Dryfast

Construction and Repair Project by Dryfast in Palo Alto

Dryfast workers are on another Construction and Repair Project in Palo Alto. This time a part of their project is the task to build a new house  in this area.  As you can see from the first video two Dryfast trucks are just  delivering modulars to the construction site, so that the Dryfast workers can start their work on the new building with the construction materials. (more…)

Water Damage Property Restoration Project by Dryfast in San Mateo

Dryfast team are on another one of their projects in San Mateo. This time they are performing Water Damage Restoration in a building that was seriously flooded. As you can see from the pictures the house is seriously damaged by sewage flooding  and needs repairing. As part of their usual procedure of Water Damage Restoration Project, the Dryfast team of workers had to remove half the wallpaper from the walls. They set up dehumidifiers and fans to remove the excess moisture in the house. (more…)

San Mateo sees BIG water damage in tiny space

Dryfast responded to this call early yesterday morning from some familiar clients who own properties all around the bay area. They described the issue to be a water leak from the walls and ceiling of a small hallway bathroom in one of their apartment homes in San Mateo. We sent our experienced tech Ivan out to do the job, and there he found a wet ceiling surrounding the vent and he found damage on the vinyl floors and a section of the drywall located behind the toilet was wet and damaged as well. This was a result of a recent…

Daly city residents find water creeping in through the cracks in Daly city

Water damage led these Daly city residents straight to us, as looking for some relief.  The client explained that water was leaking through his porcelain tiles in the shower, causing damage to the entire area and he wasn't sure exactly how this was happening. We at Dryfast specialize in just this sort of thing, so we were happy to go take a look and inspect the area to see what the problem was and what we could do for them. Once our techs determined that the issue was caused by the pipes behind the wall leaking, we scheduled them…

DryFast to the rescue for this flooded San Francisco building

DryFast was contacted recently by the owner of a San Franciscan style apartment building located in the Union Square area of the city itself. The owner was frantic as there was a flood in a couple of bathrooms. Luckily, we handle water damage and flood emergencies quite often and reacted quickly enough. We sent over two techs for the job, both Jaime and Ivan. Ivan reported that there was standing water on the 1st and 2nd floor bathrooms alike, which led him to proceed and check on the 3rd floor just in case it was affected. To his relief he…