What Goes Into Preparing The Repair Estimates To Restore Your Home To Its Former Glory

Find out what goes into preparing the repair estimates so Dryfast can come in and return your home to its former glory after fire damage.

Once a fire in your home has been put out you will want to get back in there as quickly as possible. It’s not so simple because you will need to jump through some hoops to repair all the damage, but our construction division estimator will work hard preparing the repair estimates and as soon as we can agree upon it with the insurance company it’s done. Work will finally be able to get started on your home and you’ll be able to move in quicker than you think.

What Goes Into Preparing The Repair Estimates To Restore Your Home To Its Former Glory

Preparing The Repair Estimates

Perhaps you’re interested in what goes into preparing the repair estimates, and the easiest way to show you that is by talking about the kinds of things we’ll need to do once we get to work on your home. First of all, a lot of your possessions are going to be ripped out. Things like kitchen cabinets, tiles, and other items we’re unable to salvage will be thrown out of your home. You’ve got to cross your fingers and hope you have some left by the time we’re finished.

The stuff we have to rip out can even include some internal parts of your home, like floorboards and drywall. It’s maybe best to refrain from checking your home at this point because a lot of people find it uncomfortable when they come face to face with an empty shell. After we’ve dealt with removing all the things from the interior of your home we will prepare it for structural cleaning and odor removal treatment.

What Goes Into Preparing The Repair Estimates To Restore Your Home To Its Former Glory

Structural Cleaning And Odor Removal Treatment

The structure of your home needs to be cleaned too, which means creating access to the areas that would normally be untouchable. When it comes to the odor I’m sure you’ll agree there will be terrible smells that will need to be taken care of before you can ever live in your home again. It’s very hard to reach all of them effectively, which is why Dryfast uses a large selection of treatments. We can take a look at some of them now if you’re interested in how we’re going to get rid of the terrible smells from your home.

  • Soot HEPA vacuuming –you want to get rid of as much soot as possible because it’s easy to breathe in and hurt your lungs, so we use a special HEPA vacuum designed to pick up as much of it as we can until you wouldn’t know it was ever there.
  • Ozone treatment –ozone treatment is similar to spraying air freshener around your home, except this stuff is much more powerful and by the time we’re finished you will be able to breathe without being reminded of the fire.
  • Charcoal filter air filtration –after a fire you’ll also have gases floating around in the air, so our professional charcoal filter air filtration system will get rid of them from the air at the same time as getting rid of the bad odors too.
  • Odor sealant application –as soon as Dryfast applies their odor sealant the surfaces it’s used on won’t be able to absorb any odors, because there is no point in cleaning up parts of your home when they can easily be affected again.
  • Surface sanding –odors can get into the strangest places, and they’ll end up making their way inside the very top layer of your wooden surfaces. Luckily it’s not too difficult to fix and with a little sanding the odors can be banished forever.
  • Thermal fogging –thermal fogging is perhaps the most advanced method of removing odors, because it recreates heat and pressurization to grab it from the air. At the same time it’s also combined with an oil-based odor destroying solution.

What Goes Into Preparing The Repair Estimates To Restore Your Home To Its Former Glory

All Your Needs Will Be Taken Care Of

That is only a small sample of what you can expect when you hire Dryfast, and after preparing the repair estimates and being given approval from the insurance company we will come and carry out all of this work on your home. I know suffering the pain of your home being destroyed is tough, but Dryfast does do their best to help you start picking up the pieces so you can get your life back to normal.

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