New insullation set up in Woodside

This time Dryfast crew were called in Woodside to renovate an old insulation of a house there. Their Property Construction Project included the setting up of a new insulation, new water pipes, electrical wiring. The previous insullation was worn out and tattered  and our team had to replace it with a new one. Also the old gutters and the electrical wiring had to be changed.

Fiberglass batting is a really cheap and effective method to insulate a house. The main thing is that it has to be installed properly so that no gaps are left. Otherwise, even the smallest of gaps allow air to escape and thus decrease the efficiency of the insulation. The batts had to be  cut an inch wider than the space in order to fit properly.

As you may know fiberglass is dangerous to the health, the tiny glass particles can irritate our eyes and lungs when inhaled, so safety equipment is a must while installing fiberglass. From these photos and the video you can see that our team is already ready with one side of the building. They put scaffolding in place so that they can easily install everywhere  fiberglass batting and don’t miss a single spot.

Dryfast builders also built new windows and set up new exterior wood panelling on top of the fiberglass. They also installed new electrical wiring  inside the walls and fitted the batts around it.

We own special building equipment that  helps us manage with all kinds of situations in an effective way.

Dryfast team changed all of the damaged insulation of this property
Dryfast team put new insulation on this house



Our team put new insulation on this house
This house was equipped with new insulation


new wood panels were set on this house
Dryfast team changed the exterior wood panelling


Dryfast team renovated the wood panelling
Our team installed new wood panelling and new gutters on this house

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The scaffolding around the house is in place
The workers set scaffolding into place around the property to install new insulation



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