How Much Does Mold Removal Cost?

Mold in your home should without a doubt be a huge cause for concern. Not only because it can cause potential damage, but also because it increases the health risk of you and other occupants in your home. When the mold problem is too big for you to handle, you might want to consider hiring professional mold removers and the mold removal cost.

It might cost you money to have mold removed in your home but it’s definitely all worth it. Now if you’re planning to hire professional mold removers to get rid of mold in your home, it might help a great deal if you knew what the average mold removal cost is.

Well, in this article, we are going to break down all the costs involved in a mold removal project and what factors can affect the cost. 

mold removal costHow Much Does Mold Removal Cost?

Costs of Mold Removal (Including Factors That Affect The Costs)

 Mold Testing

Diagnosing your mold problem is crucial to determine the extent of damage and possible costs. The costs for mold testing can vary depending on many factors. They could be the type of testing , the size of your home, the number and size of surfaces which need testing, and the extent of mold infestation. The cost may also depend on your state.

In most cases, Swab Testing usually ranges from $200-$300. Swab testing is a type of testing where professional mold inspectors collect a surface swab from a potentially infected area.

Inspectors may also perform Air Cell Testing that may range between $250-$350. This is a special type of testing where an inspector analyzes air samples to determine amount of mold spores in the air. The test is often done in together with swab testing in order to ensure more accurate data.

Mold sampling must be done by qualified inspectors with specific working knowledge of sampling methods and protocols, which includes those recommended by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene, the American Council for Accredited Certification, CIH (Certified Industrial Hygienist), or CIEC (Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant).

Before testing, qualified inspectors will inspect potential mold-infested areas like drywalls, tile and grout, structural materials, the attic, flooring, and other areas.

 Size of the area infested with mold

An important part of mold removal and remediation is inspecting the amount of mold and level of development. This can help a great deal when determining the total mold removal cost of the project.

Usually, the larger the area infested with mold, the higher the cost it will be to clean and remove it. The costs to remove mold from crawlspaces only, range from $300-$500. The costs to remove mold from ducts also fall in the same price category. Cleaning and removing mold from the attic may cost around $4000.

The size of areas with mold infestation is often measured in square foot. Mold remediation in 15-square feet easily accessible area may cost you around $3,400. Mold remediation of 27 square feet inside your HVAC system may add up to $9,500.

Location of mold

For mold remediation, the location of mold in your home may affect the total cost of the service. Treating and removing mold in areas that are difficult to access can be costly. For example, accessing and removing mold in the HVAC system can cost you around $4000-$6000. On the other hand, treating and removing mold in easy to access areas such as the bathroom, basement, walls, and ceiling may be a little bit cheaper.

 Source of the mold

The source of the mold can also affect the price cost of mold remediation. For example, it might cost you less to treat and remove mold caused by a burst pipe than it is to inspect, treat, remove, and take care of the damage that resulted from a sewage backup or due to water contaminated with hazardous substances.

If the mold in your hme has been caused by sewage backup, it might cost you from $10,000-$20,000, including mold inspection and testing costs.

 Damages that occurred alongside the mold

Professional mold removers don’t just treat and remove mold. They also deal with any damages that might have resulted alongside the mold. For example, a leaky pipe that led to mold growth may have also led to wood rot or any other damaged areas that need to be repaired and replaced. Damages may increase the total costs to $5000.

Areas infested with mold

Whether the areas with mold infestation need cleaning or replacing, may also affect the total mold remediation cost. Mold cleaning and removal can become much more expensive if mold-infested materials like carpets and fabrics, parts of the house like the drywall/painted wall, wooden flooring, tile and grout, and insulation need to be removed and replaced due to mold.

The cost of removing and replacing the drywall or house carpeting or tile and grout can amount to $10,000

 Labour and Tools &Equipment Used

Generally, labor costs can make up a large part of the total price of mold treatment and removal. A mold removing company makes use of skilled labour and expensive equipment to ensure that mold in your home is completely eliminated.

The professional mold removal crew has to be paid and expensive equipment such as the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA), which cost around $10,000, have to be used.

A HEPA vacuum is a special piece of machinery that uses special filters as well as powerful suction to remove mold. Sometimes, mold remediation companies opt to hire HEPA vacuums, which costs a lot of money too.

Labour costs may add up to $500 for small areas and up to $2000 for larger areas. So if you have a serious mold problem in your home, the mold removal cost will increase to cover the extensive labor and expensive tools and equipment used.

Professional mold removers are required to wear mold-proof suits and face masks, and should be specially trained. Other costs include protective and disposal equipment to be used.

Insurance Cover Mold Remediation

If your insurance policy covers mold remediation, then you might be able to mitigate the costs. Some home insurance policies only cover water damage but not mold damage, so it’s important to confirm with your insurance agent.

If your insurance policy does cover mold remediation, then you should consider filing a claim to avoid bearing the financial burden. 

Wrap Up

Even if you’re looking to save money on mold removal cost and remediation services, it’s not advisable to clean a large mold infestation by yourself. It is because it may lead to the harmful mold spores spreading to new areas in your home. For Larger mold problems you must always hire professionals.

To know how much you will pay for mold remediation in your home, contact a reputable and experienced company. After inspecting and diagnosing your mold problem, the mold inspector will give you a cost estimate.

Mold problem in your house is something you should worrry about and consider the many health risks it’s associated with. So be sure to hire qualified removal companies for your safety and that of your family and of course. Don’t forget to get your finances ready too.

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