Mold Testing Cost

To many people, an extra expense to inspect their house for mold is one that gets overlooked as something that can be put off.

This cannot be further from the truth as mold exposure can lead to allergies, asthma, a weaker immune system and various other respiratory and mine system conditions. To put it mildly, mold testing is not and should not be something that can be put off. What an individual does need to consider however is the cost of the test itself. Improper research can result in wildly different pricing structures. Mold testing cost is not a single fee to consider, but many smaller factors which could potentially add up to something more.

For some reason many people believe that mold testing is something that shouldn’t cost more than around fifty dollars. Often the opinion is that these people come in, walk around the house, check the nooks and crannies and then call it a day. However there’s a great deal more than goes into these mold inspections such as air quality tests, spore tests to further understand exactly what kind of mold there is. This is in addition to a holistic home inspections, adding up to quite a great deal of work needed for one seemingly small inspection. After all, mold testing cost might seem small, by it has a huge impact on the future of a house.

Mold Testing Cost Influential Factors

Every corner of this Oakland property was inspected for mold by the team of Mold Out
In order to find out what the indoor air contains, mold out workers use air quality tester.

This might be why so many people are aghast at the price of mold removal specialists. However this is far from the case, there is a certification process to become a qualified specialist that many people overlooked when they factor the cost of the removal.

A mold test will often vary on two main factors, the first of which is the size of the property being covered, which is understandable. A house that’s 3000 square feet will take longer to look over than one that’s 1500 square feet. It might need more people to go through it all.

The other important factor that would influence the price of the mold test is the extent of what the test is looking for. In some cases mold removal businesses will offer a low initial price for the inspection, because they will have a higher overall cost for the removal if they do find mold.

The next question a person should be asking is how to find a quality mold removal specialist. The answer to that is the same as finding a good mechanic, dentist or just about any service: get your information.

There’s no harm in asking an inspector what his qualifications are, what certifications his company might have or even if they are paid on commission. these are all factors that could separate a good mold removal specialist from the others.

It’s important to consider not only the price of the inspection, but any followup fees such as this that might occur, even if you don’t believe your house has mold it pays to cover all your bases and find mold inspectors that offer low overall costs.

Mold Testing Price Variations

Price wise, a mold test really does vary heavily on the above mentioned factors but could vary from as low as $200 up to $3000 for a detailed inspection of larger buildings.

Something that a mold removal specialist should also be looking for is whether or not the mold has the potential to return. Simply removing the problem isn’t going to help if it will simply return months later.

Inspectors should check for leaky roofs, unsealed windows units or any seepage whatsoever these are indicators that the problem might arise again. Depending on the severity of the mold problem, further inspection might be needed as well such as an air quality test.

In the event that there are multiple strings of mold, it might also be in the best interest of the home owner if a spore test is done as well. There are many different types of mold out there. Keep in mind that some have a higher chance of reoccurrence than others. It really does pay to go cover your bases and know exactly what you’re up against when it comes to mold.

Mold Testing Cost Questions? Ask Them and Our Specialists Will Reply

It really doesn’t hurt at this point to ask the mold inspector you decided to move forward with if he would be able to refer you to someone. In some cases they will be able to offer you a lower rate than if you weren’t referred.

When you do receive your quote for the mold removal, understanding the reason for the mold testing cost and removal is much easier with an itemised receipt. This is a breakdown of exactly what your fee is going to work towards (the cost of labor, materials required etc.). This is also a good way to ensure you aren’t getting billed for more than you should be.

A fully capable mold removal specialist will stand out among an amateur one as he will often do an exhaustive search of the house. This is not limited to just the visible spaces but the duct work, the attics, basements, any crawlspaces and even behind the walls themselves. This is to ensure that there is no possibility that the mold will remain hidden and continue to spread.

If even a small amount of mold is left following an inspection, it will multiply and growing back to the size of the original problem in no time flat. This is why it’s so important to ensure that mold removal costs aren’t the only thing you consider in your decision to undergo an inspection.

In Conclusion

Finally, the last thing to consider before making the big decision is to decide for yourself, do some very careful research to ensure everything is correct. If everything goes well, be sure to refer the specialist to other people who need one.

It’s important to note that although an individual with a mold problem absolutely shouldn’t put off making the removal decision. There are many health factors to consider, it’s also one that shouldn’t be rushed either. There’s no sense paying an arm and a leg for something that can be done just as well for half the price.

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