Mold Remediation due to water leak, Market Street, San Francisco

Mold Removal project in San Francisco, this bathroom had continuous leak for years, the house is old and not much improvement was done over the last 35 years, so the entire plumbing is 35 + years old.


Customer hire Dryfast to repair both issues, the leak and the Mold damage. House was recently purchased and needed many repairs. The roof is bad, the entire plumbing needs replacement, drains, windows leak and much more. Of course you need to be ready to do it all, or just do portions.

mold remediation project san franciscoThe bathroom repair started together with the Mold Remediation, so we had to remove all vinyl flooring that was water damaged for years, tile removal, tub. We basicaly stripped that bathroom to the frame so it can be remodeled properly.

We found Mold under the tiles. There was Mold behind the tiles and plaster too. This Mold Removal project took us 4 days, and the construction is still in progress. All repairs should be completed within 14 days.

Some of the delays are caused by the client spending more time to pick and choose bathroom tiles and special orders made over the internet.


This is another successful Mold Remediation project in San Francisco! Thank you San Francisco! We have done most of our Mold jobs here in the city since Dryfast was founded here in 2003.

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