Air Quality Mold Testing Project by Mold Out Services in Burlingame

The team of DryFast is realizing their new Air Quality Mold Testing and Mold Out Services Burlingame Project. As a part of their project they perform  Mold Inspection with a Zefon casette  in a room affected with surface mold. Mold Inspection is a recommended procedure for every home owner because often mold appears on hidden places and is invisible to the naked eye as its spores are airborne. The first step of mold inspection is the observation of mold growth. It has a specific musty smell and  there are no visible signs for mold presence.

DryFast &Zefon cassette

In this project DryFast team uses a Zefon cassette because it’s the most accurate way of capturing mold spores. As you can see on the following video they ran the air sampling for five minutes and after that they are going to send it to the laboratory for examination.


The Zefon cassette is an air sampling device which is unique, because it can detect a great variety of airborne aerosols in an indoor and outdoor environment. It can collect both viable and non-viable sample specimens. Another advantage of this procedure is that it help us find out what is the type of the mold species in the property. They can be mycotoxic, allergenic, or pathogenic. Also the mold inspection shows whether  the spores are spreading or dormant.

We run nonviable air tests called spore traps

Spore trap testing identifies not only mold spores, but also hyphal frament, textile fibers, human skin flakes, pollen grains and also airborne plant hairs. Besides, our team also performs complete particle analysis that offers extensive breakdown of dust components such as silica, dander, gypsum, insect parts, cellulose synthetic fibers, pollen, fiberglass, dust mites, soot, wood ash and others. When needed, we draw also wall cavity samples in order to check for mold growth there.

The mold samples are analyzed by an environmental microbiologist at an American Industrial Hygiene Association accredited environmental laboratory. When the lab results are ready and they show that there is a real mold source in the property, Mold Remediation comes next.


If you want to check other services from us, check the Air Quality Mold Testing section on our webpage.

Mold Out Services Burlingame
DryFast performed Air Sampling by using a Zefon cassette in Burlingame.


Air Sampling Project in Burlingame by DryFast
DryFast performed Air Quality Testing in Burlingame property.


Air Quality Sampling by DryFast Burlingame
The stairs of the property in Burlingame which DryFast inspected for mold spores


The workers are performing Air Sampling Project in Burlingame
Workers from DryFast team are working on their Air Quality Testing Project in Burlingame property.


Air Quality Testing in Burlingame property
Workers from DryFast are on their Air Sampling Project in Burlingame
Air Sampling project in Burlingame house
DryFast team are working on the job site of their Mold Inspection Project in Burlingame
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