Mold Inspection and Water Damage Restoration Project Brisbane

Today the team of Dryfast was  performing Mold Inspection Brisbane Services for their new project. They performed Mold Inspection and Water Damage Restoration Project in a flat affected by mold.

When the team had arrived there for a mold inspection, the client had already removed the wallpaper of the wall to show the appearance of black mold. As they  do in every other project, DryFast team document the entire process of their inspection of the property and give the client the complete documentation of the property’s current condition as well as certified written mold report.

We can clearly see that there is some moisture at the bottom of the wall and it runs along the wall all the way behind the cabinet. The source of black mold is right under the wallpaper and there is water coming from the outside.


Mold Inspection and Mold Removal Project by Dryfast
As you can see the wall in this flat in Brisbane is seriously affected by mold



Mold Inspection Detailed Description and Report

As part of every project our  DryFast team provide the client with a detailed description of the Mold Inspection Findings and recommendations and Mold Remediation Protocol on what have to be done to remove the mold and bring the property back to its previous state. Also, they give a detailed Mold Remediation description of the project. That way the client is informed about the whole cost of the project. By doing proper inspection of the property, our team determines the exact mold source.


This Brisbane flat needs repairing as it's affected by mosture
You can see from this photo how the whole wall is damaged at the bottom by moisture.


DryFast team  had to remove the hardwood floor in order to do a proper  mold remediation, remove the mold from the walls and perform a repairment.

mold inspection brisbane
It is clearly visible that the wall is affected by black mold

mold inspection brisbane


water damage restoration brisbane
There is visible moisture in this flat and the task for Dryfast is to remove it.


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