Mold Inspection Project by Dryfast in Foster City

Today Dryfast’s team are on another quality project. They are performing an inspection for mold in a flat in Foster City and after they are finished they will perform  mold removal. As you can see from the pictures the flat is affected by mold and needs to be repaired quickly.

As you can see from the photos, our team of workers uses digital mosture inspection meters, which help them locate and spot the exact location of mold damage. As sometimes mold is difficult to be detected and almost invisible, we use these devices to spot the signs that mold leaves behind or whether it is developing.

Our team of workers own rich experience in the performance of mold inspection. Because Mold Inspection should be detailed, during this process we obtain information from the client in order to know whether there are any known leaks in the past, cracked exterior walls, drain and water heater problems, leaky windows, roof damage and other factors enhancing the appearance of mold.

We perform also Air Testing which helps us understand what is the current air quality and learn what is the type of the mold spores in the air. For this purpose we use Zefon Cassettes which are  the most accurate way of testing.

If we find out that there is mold in your property, we prepare a detailed estimate line item by line item where we explain to our clients the whole process of mold removal.

If you want to get more information about other services, check our Mold Inspection and Mold Removal section on our site.


Mold Inspection Project by Dryfast in Foster City
Dryfast team are performing Mold Inspection in a home in Foster City by the use of digital moisture inspection meter.



Mold Inspection Project by Dryfast in San Francisco
Dryfast team are inspecting for mold every corner of the flat, in order to find the exact mold source.



Mold Inspection Project performed by Dryfast in Foster City
As you can see, the corners of the room in this flat in Foster City are also affected by mold.



Dryfast team are on their Mold Inspection Project in Foster city flat
Dryfast team are making a mold inspection in a flat as a part of their project in Foster City.



Dryfast team are performing a Mold Inspection Project in a Foster City flat
Dryfast team are making an inspection for the source of mold in a property in Foster City.



The team of Dryfast are performing an inspection for mold in a property in Foster City
A photo of the bad condition of room in a flat affected by mold in Foster City



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