Air Quality Mold Testing Project in Oakland

Today DryFast team realized a Mold Inspection Oakland Project. The first task of their project is an Air Sampling procedure, which determines the level of airborne fungi in both indoor and outdoor environment. As always, the team of professional workers performed microbiological mold test in order to find out what the indoor air of the property contains. If they find out mold spores, this means that the property is affected by mold somewhere and needs repairing.

For this purpose they use a special device called air quality tester which is designed to detect different kinds of airborne aerosols. These can be for example mold spores, pollen, insect parts, skin cell fragments, fibers (cellulose, clothing fibers, asbestos, etc.) and also inorganic particulate. This device catches both viable and non-viable sample specimens and in this way gives us a broad picture of the contaminants the air contains. It’s an extremely accurate way to examine for mold contamination any kind of surface in a property.

Mold sampling brings real advantages. It is good because its results show the type of mold species living in the indoor environment. It shows if the mold is dormant or is developing actively and also whether the mold spore elevations are excessive.

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mold inspection oakland
DryFast team use an sampling cassette designed to detect a wide range of
airborne aerosols.


Dryfast are in Oakland for their Mold Inspection Project
The team of DryFast use air quality tester specially designed to rapidly collect airborne aerosols.


Dryfast team inspects for mold by using air quality tester
DryFast Services team use air quality tester to inspect for mold every corner of this property.


Dryfast team inspects for mold by using air quality tester
Mold Out Services team use air quality tester to inspect for mold spores every corner of this property.



Dryfast team use special equpment to inspect for mold spores
DryFast team uses air quaiity tester in order to determine what particles the room’s air contains


Every corner of this Oakland property was inspected for mold by the team of Mold Out
In order to find out what the indoor air contains, DryFast use air quality tester.


Mold Inspection Project by Mold Out
Every inch of this room was inspected for mold spores by DryFast Team.


Mold Out team are working on their Mold Inspection in Oakland
Our specialists perform inspection for mold spores before deciding what repairments they should do.


The workers from Mold Out Services are performing their projecy in Oakland
This room is part of the Oakland property which Mold Out team are inspecting for mold.


A property in Oakland is being inspected for airborne aerosols
DryFast team of workers are making an inspection for mold spores.


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