Mold found in kitchen cabinets Noe Valley, San Francisco

Mold Inspection was performed by Dryfast in San Francisco, phone call was received by Valerie, customer explained that they recently noticed these black dots in the kitchen cabinet under the sink on the wall behind the trash can.

Ivan’s Mold Inspection report explained what caused the Mold and what needs to be done in order to provide
proper Mold Remediation and pass clearance Mold Test.
Some of the items on Ivan’s Mold Removal Protocol includes: Cause of the Mold problem-improper sink installation, water leaks through the counter top and sink down to the inner part of the cabinet, work needed to be done: detach and remove all plumbing from underneath the cabinet to provide access , remove and replace drywall, remove and replace bottom of the cabinet, treat framing with anti-microbial solution, fix the cause of the problem, mold clearance test, build back all to pre-existing.
Ivan and his Mold Remediation team did a great job at this property in San Francisco, another happy client! One customer at the time,
Thank you all for reading the today’s Mold Removal project!
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