Mold found under the carpet, Nob Hill, San Francisco

Dryfast inspected a property in Nob Hill, San Francisco, the homeowner complained of a Mold smell that was coming from the hallway. Not long ago / 3 moths ago/ they had a toilet overflow that was left to dry out on its own. The homeowner thought that it will dry fast on its own

Carpet dried fast enough, but the carpet pad did not!  that kept the sub floor wet for a long time, long enough to provide perfect environment for Mold Growth. No surprise the Mold started to actively grow and the Mold odor was strong at time of the Mold Inspection.

Mold Remediation in Nob Hill, San Francisco

Carpet had severe Mold damage and tested positive for sewage. Jaime Ceja the project manager, wrote a detailed Mold remediation Protocol with his suggestions following IICRC and EPA Mold Removal guidelines and standards.
As of result, carpet was replaced. Portion of the sub floor affected with Mold and Sewage had to be cut and replaced. Bathroom walls had to be cut up 2 feet all around and replaced. Drywall absorbs liquids quickly.
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