Mold Damage in bathroom, SOMA district, San Francisco

Dryfast was called on a Mold Inspection in downtown San Francisco.

The apartment had minor leak from the roof this winter. The Landlord did not respond as quickly as needed, which caused the Mold condition.

Mold Damage in bathroom , SOMA district , San Francisco 3


The drywall stayed soaked for couple of weeks that caused further problem. We now have visible Mold growth, and the smell is strong. Occupants try to keep the door closed at all times so no Mold spores come into the house and keep the window open to get some fresh air.

Our Mold Inspection discovered that the drywall was still wet 3 weeks later, since the thisck layers of paint would not allow it to dry. The Mold Remediation protocol written by Ivan Angelo, states that containment barrier should be set up to protect the rest of the property, relocate tenants for 5 days, tear out and remove all Mold affected drywall, treat exposed framing with anti-microbial solution.

HEPA filtration machine is required on any Mold remediation job to capture released Mold Spores from air.

Mold Damage in bathroom , SOMA district , San Francisco 2The last step of the Mold Removal process is to build back to pre-existing. Mold is completely removed, now new drywall needs to be installed, as well as new vinyl flooring.
This is another successful Mold remediation project by Dryfast. License #959870

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